Freight & Car Elevator

SAIL is an professional intelligent freight elevator manufacturersoffers well designed and manufactured freight elevator for sale. This freight elevator for sale combines high-grade elevator engineering technology.

Freight elevator for sale

SAIL intelligent freight elevator combines with top grade elevator engineering technology etc. It can hold a large amount of goods because of fierce drag system, highly strengthened mechanical structure design. It still operates well under various harsh environments. It features as effective & reliable, firm and durable, precise leveling etc. Freight & Car Elevators are widely applicable for vast goods transport occasions such as factory, warehouse, shopping center and so on. SAIL is very experienced car elevator manufacturer and we have high quality car elevator for sale.Welcome to buy freight elevator.

Machine room-less freight elevator for sale

SAIL is a freight lifts manufacturer expert specializes in freight elevator for sale. SAIL intelligent machine room-less freight elevator takes low-carbon environment-protection as freight elevator designideas with good energy-saving and consumption-reducing It utilizes well space to maximum extent. It aims at saving building area and reducing construction cost. It gives a full play of the products green human-centered spirits. Compared with same load level geared elevator, it saves 40% of electric energy 10% of building area.

Machine room-less freight elevator

Automobile elevator

Automobile car elevator for sale

As the automobile elevator manufacturers, SAIL intelligent automobile elevator introduced the well-developed international automobile elevation technology Automobile elevator has been developed and manufactured through absorption, conversion and enhancement. Advanced technology removes bad factor of shaking car. It is due to noise out of burdened traction system, uneven force to elevator car. It optimizes the characteristics of the product series. SAIL is one expert of automobile elevator manufacturers specializes in car, we offer automobile car elevator for sale.

SAIL Intelligent Elevator (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese -foreign cooperative enterprise whose business integrates development, production, manufacture, installation and maintenance service. The company is located in Badu economic development zone, Wujiang District, an important industry park in Suzhou. There are so many elevator producers nearby, so the strong industry atmosphere contains abundant treasure of the elevator industry. With the spirit of good faith, good quality and good gumption, Sail Elevator has been the giant of home elevator manufacturers china. We are on the way to become the top 5 of Lift manufacturers in the world.

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