Hospital & Stretcher Elevator

Stretcher elevator

SAIL Intelligent stretcher elevatoris custom-made for your building. It applies high strength section materials to make elevator cars. It can bear heavy stretchers. Hospital stretcher liftcan easily and smoothly deliver vast patients and large goods. SAIL Stretcher elevator will effectively protects the security of both passengers and the goods. Human-centered design, rich functions. The hospital stretcher liftsatisfies the needs of emergency patients' delivery. Our stretcher lift applies human-centered design and is equipped with a full set of top equipments. It is smooth and comfortable in running. It has bright and broad car. It not only has ordinary passenger-transport functions, furthermore, it can contain stretch. Meanwhile, it is also convenient for the people to carry large furniture.

Stretcher elevatorStretcher elevator data

Hospital elevator

Anion car technology

SAIL hospital elevator firstly uses "natural oxygen bar" car technology. Air anion is like vitamin in food. It is vital to human life activities It adds oxygen anion in the air, improves air quality in the car. It is more beneficial for patients to use the hospital elevator.

UV ray sterilizerAnion car technology

As use people in hospital elevator are complex, it installs UV sterilizer in elevator car. With no load in elevator, it regularly and automatically starts 1 stops UV device. It carries out UV sterilization UV ray kills virus and bacteria. It removes dust, cleans dirt. It eliminates smoke and odor etc. The hospital bed elevatoraccords with basic requirements on medical treatment institutes. Car stainless steel sheet applies ant-fingerprint technique treatment. It is easy to clean. SAIL hospital bed elevator prevents from bacteria contamination and especially suitable for cleaning environment requirements in hospitals.

Special operation panel for the disabled(Optional) Special operation panel for the disabled(Optional)

When elevator makes leveling and waits for passenger, if command register in operation panel for disabled is available in the floor, it keeps longer opening time. (Usually it lasts for about 30 second. The hospital elevator can be changed through parameter adjustment.) If pressing "door-opening button" in operation panel for disabled, hospital elevator keeps same door-opening time.

SAIL Intelligent Elevator (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese -foreign cooperative enterprise whose business integrates development, production, manufacture, installation and maintenance service. The company is located in Badu economic development zone, Wujiang District, an important industry park in Suzhou. There are so many elevator producers nearby, so the strong industry atmosphere contains abundant treasure of the elevator industry. With the spirit of good faith, good quality and good gumption, Sail Elevator has been the giant of hospital lift manufacturers. We are on the way to become the top 5 of Lift manufacturers in the world.

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