Custom Baby Mats & Carpets

Jietai company's baby play mats and floor mat can be customized according to customer requirements, but also provide OEM production services, Jietai rug sincerely for all customers.

Jietai company's premium first-rate multipurpose waterproof mats made with a sturdy five-layer design permitting it to fulfill various functions. They can be used as infant play mats, yoga mats, picnic mats,beach mats, mattress protectors, diaper changing mats, and well-known surface protection from spills. Our foam mats are wonderfully waterproof, and the impervious surface makes cleaning very easy!

Yiwu Jietai Rug Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of floor mats. You can also customize every kind of baby mat,yoga mat, and so on according to their different uses. These foam mats and floormat are soft, cushy, and comfortable. We offer several sizes, so whether you are looking to use on the floor, baby bed, or outside—we have the right sized mats and a floor mat for the task.

Customized Processes For Foam Mats And Carpets

01 Collect Customization Requirements Info From Customers

Collect the detailed information that customers want to customize, confirm the type of floor mat, provide the corresponding quotation according to the customer's demand information.

02 Production Process For Customizing Foam Mats And Carpets

After the customer confirms the quotation, the designer will check the drawings to the customer and verify the relevant information such as color, pattern, size, etc. After confirming the correctness, arrange the mold supplier to customize the mold, and arrange to produce products after Jietai checks it correctly.

03 Acceptance Process Of Customized Foam Mats And Carpets

After the production of the product is completed, the goods are delivered by the contractual delivery mode. After the customer receives the goods and checks and confirms that they are correct, the customized order is completed.

So if you prefer a customized order? Different material? Sizes? Design or prices? Contact us with what you have in thinking for a quote.

Our emphasis is on durability, quality, and attention to detail. Our liner design, creation process, and the material selection reflect our dedication to presenting the most excellent products.

Our company can custom baby mat,baby play mat sizeand custom baby play mat,you can buy baby mat,too.Welcome to contact us now.

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