SANVO Pipes & Fittingsprovides different types of nipple fittings according to the needs of hardware customers.

A nipple is a short segment of pipe with equal male threading at each end. It is typically used for connecting two other pipes, fittings or hoses.

Male pipe nipplecan be made from a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and more. Using pipe nipples makes it possible to position tubing exactly where it is needed.

Pipe nipples also come with a variety of end finishes, such as tapered thread, straight thread, roller cut, reamed and chamfered, square cut, and grooved.

Pipe nipples, pipe sockets(or couplings) can be used in a large number of different industries. Including:

Manufacturing & Distribution

Water & Plumbing

Oil, Gas & Petro Chem

Hydraulic & Pumping


Beverage & Brewery

Pipe nipples require a few considerations prior to manufacturing:

Tube selection – material; welded or seamless; thickness; and diameter.

General specifications – temperatures; pressures; safety coefficients, etc.

End connections – threads; square-cut; beveled; square-cut; bent; or barbed.

More importantly, all pipe nipples we can produce are designed and manufactured according to our customers' order and demand.

SANVO Pipes & Fittings is a professional pipe nipple suppliers, we provide pipe nipples and fittings,pipe nipple material, pipe nipple threaded, threaded pipe for sale. If you want to know types of pipe nipplesor otherinformation, contact us.RFQ today.

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