Diamond core drill rig which is also named as core drill stand, core drill holder. It consists of a vacuum or non-vacuum base, column and carriage. It is an indispensable part of diamond core drilling system.

If you are going to drill holes with more than 100mm in diameter, we recommend you to apply a drill stand always and never try to drill by hand to avoid fatigue. A core drill stands with good quality is a helpful device when you are drilling numerous holes. It could be the difference between excellent and average production rates.

We supply various diamond core drill stands with different sizes. And vacuum base, the non-vacuum base is optional. Roller carriage and slider carriage is optional. We also provide steel teeth of the column to extend the working life.

Bycon core drill stands are designed to be sturdy and stable, with wheels so it is easy to transport. The base can be fixed by anchor and set up through the vacuum pump. For small core drill stands, the stands are equipped with the 60mm motor bracket to hold handheld core drill motor. The other core drill stand designed for core drilling above 252 will be equipped with motor plate which is made according to European standards for rig-mounted core drill motors. The drill motors are easily and safely attached with a specially designed coupling. Bycon stands come in two basic designs. The aluminum stands are strong yet lightweight and easy to transport. The steel stands are easy to anchor and ideal for angled and stitch drilling.

Some common features for our core drill stand:

We have diamond core drill rigs for sale, RFQ today!

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