R2Y Type Polyurethane Injection Machine


R2Y type polyurethane injection machine is a kind of specialized equipment used to produce rigid and half-rigid PU filter end caps.

Its operation principle is as follows: Raw materials are injected into moulds automatically running along a preset locus after being agitated in the low-pressure reaction injection machine. Then after inserting an element, the injected mould will be transferred onto the streamline with mating fixtures, waiting for ripening and hardening into shape.

Constituents of polyurethane injection machine:

Polyurethane injection machine is made up of a low-pressure polyurethane injection machine with a turn table and a ring like conveying line.

Model R2S machine with a LCD touch screen as the man-machine interface employs NC automatic turntable to complete material injection into the mould. The turntable is driven by digitalized ETN200 double-axle servo-controller.

Model X conveying line with speed-adjustable function for curing air-filters is a kind of special auxiliary equipment for making PU polyfoam products, moving in a smooth and reliable way. Baking channel of the line adopts electrical heating with evenly-distributed temperature.

Technical parameters of R2Y polyurethane injection machine

Power Supply

380 V 50 Hz

Total Power

65 -100 KW (In accordance with the relevant article in contract)

Linear Conveying Speed

1~ 6.5 m/min

Number of Workstations

60, 64 or 68 with line's length of 15, 16 or 18m respectively, depending on the contract; line equipped with automatic opening and closing fixtures.

400×400 (square shape), ¢350 (round shape)

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