Lead Lined Door

The Lead Doors are designed to protect against X-ray radiation with a lead plate inserted which is applied to the x-ray room in hospitals. Normally the lead plate of the x-ray door is around 0.5-2.0-mm. Xinyi's lead-lined doors have a heavy-duty structure with a powerful motor providing a strong drive for operating systems to mitigate noise. Xinyi is one of the best x ray doors manufacturersin China and we are willing to provide you with high-quality lead-lined doors for X-ray rooms at good prices.

Features Of Xinyi Lead Lined X-Ray Door

Aluminum frame panel with lead plate to avoid radiation exposure

Door panel with 99.99% lead plate according to EN standard, then coated in FORMICA HPL (high-pressure laminate)

For all the hinged radiation protection door, Xinyi uses heavy-duty aluminum hinge

The lead glass window of our lead doors for X-ray rooms is available in different sizes

Powerful motor to provide a strong drive for the operating system and to mitigate the noise of Xinyi X-ray door.

Applications of Lead Lined Door for X-Ray Rooms

Lead-lined doors have various applications in different industries and settings requiring radiation protection. Here are some common applications of lead-lined doors:

Medical and healthcare facilities: Lead-lined doors are extensively used in medical and healthcare facilities, particularly in areas where X-ray imaging or radiation therapy is performed. These doors help ensure the safety of patients, medical staff, and other individuals in the vicinity by containing and shielding radiation.

Radiology and diagnostic imaging centres: Facilities that conduct diagnostic imaging procedures such as X-rays, CT scans, or mammography often utilize lead-lined doors. These doors contribute to the overall radiation safety measures in place and protect individuals from unnecessary radiation exposure.

Dental clinics: In dental practices where X-ray machines are used for imaging, lead-lined doors provide radiation shielding. This helps minimize radiation exposure to patients, dental professionals, and support staff.

Industrial applications: Lead-lined doors are also used in industrial settings with radiation hazards. Industries such as nuclear power plants, research facilities, and industrial radiography facilities utilize lead-lined doors to safeguard workers and restrict radiation exposure to controlled areas.

Veterinary clinics and animal care facilities: Veterinarians may use X-ray machines for diagnostic purposes in veterinary clinics. Lead-lined doors are employed to ensure the safety of animals and veterinary personnel by preventing the leakage of radiation beyond designated areas.

Research laboratories: Research laboratories that work with radioactive materials or conduct experiments involving radiation often require lead-lined doors. These doors serve to contain and minimize the spread of radiation, protecting laboratory staff and the surrounding environment.

Security and government facilities: Lead-lined doors can also be utilized in secure environments where radiation sources are present, such as customs facilities, border checkpoints, and government facilities that handle radioactive materials.

How are lead-lined doors installed in your X-ray room?

The installation of lead-lined doors in an X-ray room involves several steps to ensure effective radiation shielding and compliance with safety standards. Here is a detailed description of the installation process:

Assessment and planning: A radiation shielding expert or a qualified installer assesses the X-ray room's specific requirements. They consider factors such as room dimensions, radiation levels, regulatory guidelines, and door specifications. This assessment guides the selection of an appropriate lead-lined door.

Door frame preparation: The existing door frame or opening is prepared for the installation. This may involve removing the existing door and making any necessary modifications to ensure a proper fit for the lead-lined door.

Lead lining installation: The lead-lined door is constructed with a combination of lead sheets and other materials, such as steel or wood. The lead sheets are precisely cut and fitted onto the door panel, covering its entire surface. Specialized techniques, such as welding or adhesive bonding, are used to securely attach the lead sheets and create a tight seal.

Hardware installation: The necessary hardware, such as hinges, locks, handles, and any additional accessories, is installed on the lead-lined door. These components are selected with consideration for their compatibility with radiation shielding requirements and functionality.

Testing and inspection: After the installation, the lead-lined door undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness in shielding radiation. Specialized equipment is used to measure radiation levels and verify that they are within acceptable limits. The door is also inspected for proper alignment, operation, and sealing.

Sealing and finishing: To maintain the integrity of the radiation shielding and provide a professional appearance, appropriate seals and finishes are applied around the door frame. This helps prevent radiation leakage and ensures a tight fit.

Xinyi Door Co., Ltd. is a industrial door manufacturer,we provide door solution, lead lined door hinges, lead lined automatic sliding doors, lead lined door for x ray room, industrial doors for saleand etc. Want to know lead lined wood door costor more information, please Feel free to contact us at any time.

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