Type of Dialyser

HD Series

Better Clearnce Rate and Safer High-flux Dialyzer, two types of dialyserare available: PC series and PP series. Provide high efficient and full-spectrum solution to filter all types of molecules in dialysis therapy.


Efficient Low-flux Dialyzer, two types of disposable dialyzerare available: PC series and PP series. Our polyethersulfone hollow fiber dialyzers (low flux) help address the critical needs to filter micro molecules in dialysis therapy.

Hollow Fiber Hemodiafilter

Suitable for the rescue and treatment of hemodia filtration treatment of patients with acute and chronic renal failure caused by various reasons.

Main Features Of Dialyzer

Dialyzers, also known as artificial kidneys or filters, are essential components of hemodialysis. They play a crucial role in removing waste products and excess fluid from the blood during dialysis treatments. Here are some main features of dialyzers:

Membrane Material: Dialyzers feature a semipermeable membrane through which blood and dialysate (dialysis fluid) flow. The membrane material can vary and includes cellulose, synthetic polymers (such as polysulfone or polyethersulfone), or mixed matrix membranes. The choice of membrane material affects biocompatibility, permeability, and selectivity of solute removal.

Surface Area: The surface area of the dialyzer's membrane determines the efficiency of solute and fluid removal. A larger surface area allows for increased contact between blood and dialysate, enhancing the clearance of waste products.

Pore Size: Coil dialyzermembranes have different pore sizes, which determine the size of molecules that can pass through. Pore sizes are categorized as low-flux (small pores for smaller molecules) or high-flux (larger pores for better clearance of middle-sized molecules).

Ultrafiltration Rate: The dialyzer's ability to remove excess fluid from the blood is measured by its ultrafiltration rate. This rate depends on the pressure gradient applied across the membrane, which forces fluid to move from the blood to the dialysate compartment.

Biocompatibility: Dialyzers may have special surface coatings or modifications to enhance biocompatibility, reducing the risk of adverse reactions or blood cell damage during dialysis.

Clearance Performance: The dialyzer's clearance performance refers to its effectiveness in removing waste products from the blood. It depends on factors like membrane characteristics, flow rates, and dialysate composition.

Compatibility with Dialysis Machines: Dialyzers are designed to be compatible with specific hemodialysis machines, ensuring proper connection and functioning within the overall dialysis system.

As one of dialyzer manufacturers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. Lepu Medical is specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing the high-tech medical devices and equipment. Today, Lepu Chinahas grown into a global leading group company in the fields of cardiovascular interventions, structural heart diseases, neurointervention, cardiac rhythm management, anesthesia and critical care, in vitro diagnostics, ECG & patient monitoring, hemodialysis, orthopedics, skin care and general surgery.

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