Cable Hauling and Lifting Winches,Capstan Winch

engine winch/Cable Drum Winch
It's used for erecting pole, hoisting, stringing wire in power line operation.
Powered winches are the construction tools of erecting electric circuits of high pressure electric transmission in the sky and laying eletrical cables
underground. It apply to hoisting mechanical equipments and erecting pole pylon. According to different power, include Petrol Engine Powered Winches and
Diesel Powered Winches.

3T AND 5T Petrol Engine Powered Winches
This engine winch is used to work for tower assembly or moving heavy and bulky materials when stringing works for overhead conductors or OPGW,and very easy
to move as that is light.
Engine can start by switch.
Easy operating.
The brake can hold heavy materials when working stopped.
Double frame can reduce the machine load from engine vibration.
Transmission convert to shift the speed is very easy and smooth.

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