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Cambia Automation Limited is a professional trade company for PLC DCS spare parts.We have a complete inventory of Genius I/O blocks from GE IP/GE Fanuc - discrete, analog, RTD, thermocouple, Power Monitoring, plus Hand-Held Monitors and Bus Controllers. Each manufactured part comes with our exclusive 1-year warranty.

We are absolutely certain that you will be satisfied with the products we sell as they are 100% original and genuine products. We are sure because our refund rate is extremely low.


1.Allen-Bradley 1756/1769/1771/1785 Series

2.ABB 800xA/Bailey INFI90/DSQC Series

3.Bently Nevada 3500/3300 Monitoring System

4.Schneider Series Quantum 140 series

5.General Electric IC693/IC697/IC698/IS200/DS200 Series


7.Westinghouse: OVATION/WDPF/MAX1000 system spare parts

8.Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, Most modern fault-tolerant controller based on Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) architecture.

9.Honeywell TDC2000/TDC3000/Experion HS Series

10.YOKOGAWA CS3000 System

Series 90-70 (IC697) FANUC

IC697CPM924CPU, 64MHz, 12K Discrete I/O, 512K RAM (Expandable), 80486DX2IC697CPM925GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPM925 is a 64 MHz, 32-Bit Floating Point Central Processing Unit, 1 Mbyte Memory. GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPM925 Supports floating point calculations.IC697CPU731

12 MHz, 32 Kbyte Central Processing Unit, GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPU731 has 512 inputs and outputs (any mix). GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPU731

IC697CPU732CPU, 12 MHz, 512 Discrete I/O, Fixed Mem (32K Bytes), Floating PtIC697CPU771GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPU771 2K inputs and outputs (any mix) with up to 8K analog I/O.GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPU771 is programmed and configured by MS-DOS or Windows based programming software

We have all below GE Fanuc products

Fanuc CNC

GE 90-30 Series PLC

GE 90-70 Series PLC

GE PACSystems RX3i

GE PACSystems RX7i


GE Genius I/O

GE Mark VIe

GE Multilin

GE PAC8000

GE QuickPanel


GE VersaMax





PR642 CON021

PR642 CON021 9200-0006n


PR6423/000-131-CN CON031

PR6423/002-000 CON021

PR6423/002-001 CON041

GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG220 | 4-Channel Analog Current Input module

GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693ALG220 | 4-Channel Analog Current Input module

3500/60 IC200MDL930 VF702 MMS3120/022-100 INICT03A
3500/61 IC200MDL940 PSCCM24AAN MMS6110 MU-TAIH02
3500/62 HE693RTD600 6ES7195-7HB00-0XA0 MMS6120 MC-TAIH02
3500/64M IC670MDL740 CP345 MMS6210 MU-TAIH12
3500/42 IC693MDL340 PW301 MMS6220 MC-TAIH12
3500/40M 176449-01 HE693RTM705 140DDI84100 MMS6250 MU-TAIH22
3500/40M IC200ERM001 3500/25 125792-01 MMS6312 MB510 3BSE002540R1
3500/34 IC693CPU350 3500/23E MMS6350 MC-4/11/03/400
3500/33 149986-01 IC693MDR390 3500/22M 288055-01 MMS6410 3500/50
3500/33 IC693MAR590 3500/22M 138607-01 MMS6418 3500/53
1747-L532 IC693MDL654 3500/22M MMS6620 3500/60
1747-L533 3A99190G01 3500/20 PR9350/02 3500/61
1747-L541 3A99220G01 3500/15E PR642 CON021 3500/62
1747-L542 3A99266G01 3500/15 DC 133292-01 PR642 CON021 9200-0006n 3500/64M
1747-L542/B 5X00058G01 3500/15 AC 127610-01 PR6423/000-031 1900/65A
1747-L542/C 5X00059G01 3500/15 PR6423/000-131-CN CON031 1900/65A
1747-L543 5X00070G04 3500/05 PR6423/002-000 CON021 1900/65A
1747-L543P 5X00105G14 T9110 PR6423/002-001 CON041 1900/65A
1747-L551 5X00106G01 T9402 PR6423/002-001 CON041 1900/65A
1747-L551/A 5X00109G01 T9432 PR6423/002-030 1900/65A
1747-L551/B 5X00109G02 T9451 FBM219 P0916RH 1900/65A
126648-02 5X00119G01 SCP401-11 S1 FBM203 1900/65A
135489-01 5X00121G01 AIP504-13 S1 FBM239 P0927AG 1900/65A
135489-02 IC694MDL645 MC-TSIM12 FBM206 P0916CQ 1900/65A
135489-03 IC694MDL753 IC694MDL646 FBM224 P0926GG 1900/65A

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