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Company information:

Our company name: Cambia Automation Limited

Site: Xiamen, Fujian, China

Our Main Products:

Allen Bradley , Bently Nevada , Honeywell , Triconex , Siemens Moore , ICS Triplex , GE Marke , Ovation , Yokogawa ( CP451-10 )

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  • Packing: Brand new and original in box
  • Delivery time: 2-3 days against the payment
  • Payment term: Telegram transfer

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DSDI110A 57160001-AAA
DSDI131 57160001-GV
HIEE400961R1 UFB009AE01
HESG324063R100 216DB61
HIEE200072R0002 USB030AE02
HIEE300910R0001 UFC092BE01
900B01-0101 HC-900, Make Honeywell
900A01-0102 HC-900 Make Honeywell
Honeywell Model No. 900G02-0102
Honeywell Model No. 900H02-0102
Input / Output Module
8C-PAINA1 - Analog Input – Single Ended, Coated
8U-PAINA1 - Analog Input – Single Ended, Uncoated
IOTA Modules
8C-TAIXA1 Non Redundant, Coated
8U-TAIXA1 Non Redundant, Uncoated
8C-TAIXB1 Redundant, Coated 12
8U-TAIXB1 Redundant, Uncoated

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