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LG18650 F1L7S10P 25.9V 33.5Ah li ion battery packs with PVC for sale. The LGINR18650F1L battery dimension, PCB, wire length, connectors can be adjusted according to your request. Contact now!

7S10P LG INR18650-F1L 25.9V 33.5Ah lithium ion packis a customized battery with LG INR18650F1L 3.7v 3350mah battery cells.

This lithium-ion battery pack is 33.5Ah with PVC. We, as one of the leading lithium polymer battery manufacturers in China, can adjust the battery dimension, PCB, wire length, and connectors according to your request. If you want to buy a portable lithium battery pack, please come to us for more info.

Details of 7S10P LG INR18650-F1L 25.9V 33.5Ah Li Ion Battery Pack




7S10P 25.9V 33.5Ah 18650 Battery Pack

Nominal Voltage

Nominal Capacity

Charge cut-off voltage

Discharge cut-off voltage



LG INR18650F1L


7S10P pack


7 lines* 10 rows of 18650 cells

Specifications of 7S10P LG INR18650-F1L 25.9V 33.5Ah Li Ion Battery Pack


times of 3.7V


according to the battery cell capacity and quantity in parallel

Brand Choose

PLS, Sanyo, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung original cells

Cell size

14500, 18500, 18650, 26650, 32650, etc.


according to the dimension and quality of cells and ways of assembly


2-100A boards, can have LED/LCD display, USB charging connectors, communication/ balance according to requirements.


JST, MOLEX, XT60, XT90 /Anderson 30A,50A,120A, Aviation/Canon, DC Connector, bare wire etc.


with / without enclosures


PVC or enclosure color can be customized

OEM logo



with / without enclosures


Can provide matching chargers

Life time

300-500 cycles

Delivery time

7-10days for samples, 15-20days for bulk production


by express (DHL, FedEx, UPS), air, and sea accordingly.


golf carts, cleaning vehicles, electric hospital beds, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, oxygen respirators; renewable energy storage packs; communication station equipment; UPS; remote control electric planes, cars, boats; Robot; miner lights; LED lights, etc.

7S10P LG INR18650-F1L 25.9V 33.5Ah Li Ion Battery Pack Description

The LG INR18650 F1L is a lithium-ion cell intended for usage in high ability 18650 battery packs. It can power a wide variety of devices consisting of a two-way radio, work light led, or crimp tool.

LG 18650 batteries are very related to for performance and also security.

The F1L ships from Korea or Hong Kong to anywhere in the world. Our facility in Dongguan, China offers added services such as cell assembly right into battery packs, testing, or the addition of nickel tabbing, wiring, or other accessories.

Important: LG cells are not licensed or planned to be used as stand-alone, detachable, rechargeable power sources for e-cigarette or vaping devices, or to be managed directly by consumers in any manner. Clients who ask about LG loosened cells must intend to manufacture battery packs with correct outer casing, PCM/BMS and also security functions and also be able to offer documents to verify this.

Cautions for LG INR18650-F1L Use and also Handling

When using the application geared up with the battery, refer to the user's handbook before use.

Please check out the specific battery charger handbook before charging.

Charge time ought to not be longer than defined in the manual.

When the cell is not charged after long direct exposure to the battery charger, discontinue charging.

Battery needs to be charged at running temperature range 0 ~ 45ºC.

Battery must be discharged at operating temperature range -20 ~ 50ºC (skin temperature 60ºC).

Please inspect the positive(+) and also adverse(-) instructions before packing.

When a lead plate or wire is attached to the cell for packing, take a look at insulation not to short-circuit.

Battery should be stored individually.

Battery has to be stored in a completely dry area with low temperature for long-lasting storage space.

Do not position the battery in direct sunshine or heat.

Do not use the battery in high static energy environment where the security device can be harmed.

When rust or smell is found on very first use, please return the item to the seller quickly.

The battery needs to be far from kids or pets.

When cell lifetime reduces after lengthy usage, please exchange to new cells.

Installing the LG INR18650-F1L battery right into the pack

The cell needs to be examined visually prior to battery assembly into the pack.

The harmed cell must not be used. (damaged surface, can-distortion, electrolyte-smell).

Various Lot Number cells should not be packaged into the exact same pack.

Various types of cells, or the same kinds but various cell manufacturer's must not be used together.

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