Power Distribution Equipment

The intelligent AC/DC power distribution box is a distribution automation measurement and control terminal applied to line distribution transformers. It has the functions of monitoring the low-voltage side load and frequency of the distribution transformer, collecting power, and controlling the switching of capacitors.

The intelligent distribution electrical box as is a new type of terminal designed and developed by our electric power equipment company in response to the State Grid's comprehensive promotion of the "three types, two networks, world-class" strategic deployment. Low-voltage equipment, smart meters, and other equipment are connected to the intelligent distribution transformer terminal.

After converging, intelligent distribution transformer terminals will be sent to the IoT platform. Smart feeder scada remote terminal unitis the basic terminal equipment for building a strong smart grid of ubiquitous power Internet of Things.

As anelectric power equipment company, we supply high-quality power distribution equipment including high-voltage distribution box, low voltage electrical distribution box, industrial power distribution box and other types of China electrical distribution board. We uphold the concept of customer first and strive to provide superior electrical distribution cabinets and feeder terminal unitservices. If you are interested, please contact us!

Types of Power Distribution Equipment

There are two types of electrical power distribution box, including remote terminal Unit-RTU and control box-feeder terminal unit. Our power distribution cabinet manufacturer supply this two types of electrical distribution boards with different functions at good electrical power distribution box price to suit in the different conditions so as to meet the various requirement of different customers.

Remote Terminal Unit-RTU

Gopower's RTU remote terminal unitfeatured built-in PLC controller, supports IEC-61131-3 and C programming language and can work in -40~70 ° temperature.

Control Box-Feeder Terminal Unit

The feeder terminal unit is developed according to the latest needs of distribution network automation and new digital signal processing, grid fault detection technology.

How Does A Power Distribution Equipment Work?

Power Distribution Equipment has distribution electrical box, scientifically such as ac power distribution box and dc power distribution box and has the functions of remote control, remote communication, remote adjustment, fault detection, and so on, and can communicate with remote distribution sub-stations, send the operation data of the power distribution equipment to the distribution master station to realize remote monitoring, accept the control command of the distribution master station, control and adjust the intelligent terminal equipment, provide the distribution system operation and various parameters, namely the information needed for monitoring and control, to realize the functions of fault location, fault isolation and fast recovery of power supply in non-fault areas.

Now the remote terminal unit priceis affordable, if you want to buy our products, please contact us.

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