Twist Pin Connectors


The Twist Pin contact by its design and performance enables the system to meet the most severe requirements – often significantly more so than stipulated in the MIL-DTL-83513 and MIL-DTL-32139 standards. The male Micro-D contact is made up of 10 strands of beryllium-copper and copper alloy twisted together, welded then bumped. These sprung strands are in fact compressed during insertion into the turned female contact and therefore a high number of electrical contact points are permanently assured while retaining flexibility and ease of insertion/extraction. The bulged point will be compressed inside the socket during insertion. Insertion and retention performance of the twist pin and socket mated pair. Both socket contact chamfer and twist pin hemispherical radius contribute to ensuring adequate insertion even in case of misalignment.

Sunkye has teamed of twist pin Technology with these custom designed insulators capable of meeting the extreme mechanical and electrical needs in the harshest environments of military/aerospace and industrial applications such as Down Hole Directional Drilling.

Performance of Twist Pin Connector

Operating temperature: 150°C or 200°C

Metal shell: 9 to 100 contacts

Plastic shell: 9 to 51 contacts

Product Offerings of Twist Pin Connector

Full harnessing capabilities ranging from simple point-point to complex with many branches

Custom configurations and modifications Available to fit unique packaging and design requirements

Combine the twist pin performance with an increased temperature range

BeCu wire strands provide seven points of electrical contact

Achieve high mating cycles and better resistance to shock and vibration

Approved system applications (Aerospace, Defense and Geothermal)

Miniature high-performance twist pin connectors

As a specialist in advanced military connectors china, Sunkyehas extensive experience in micro-miniature and nano miniature solutions based on the highly reliable Twist Pin contact technology. If you want to know more details or want a quotation , just feel free to contact us!

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