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FFU HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICLE AIR FILTER  USER'S MANUAL     Sweep sweep,Website:, focus on the official for you  ZHEJIANG SUJING PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.                     High efficiency air filter (HEPA) Shipping, installation standards and technical specifications A, product characteristics and USES  Ordinary hepa filter (hereinafter referred to as filter) is a purification equipment, properties of the particles in the air after the 0.12 um particle filtration efficiency more than 99.99%, mainly used in electronics, precision instruments, medicine, food and cosmetics industry of high cleanliness. Its transportation, storage and installation must be strictly in accordance with the requirements, to ensure that the filter can be used correctly.  Second, the transportation and storage  1, in transit, the filter should be placed in the direction shown by the box body, so as not to filter material, dividers and other loss, damage by vibration. (see figure 1)  2, in carrying on the way, must be according to the casing of the diagonal direction handling handling personnel should conscientiously careful, prevent to filter in the sliding, damage to the filter. (see chart 2)  3, when loading, stacking height up to three layers. Transportation to use rope bundle of solid. When the rope across the Angle of the enclosure, application of soft objects to separate rope and housing. Protect the body. (see chart 3)  4, filters should be placed in dry plane in the direction shown by the case identification. There can be no more than 20 kg of external force on the filter.  5, storage location should be warm, wet degree of smaller, clean, dry and good ventilation system environment.  6, the warehousing, place the filter, the application of the filter pad storehouse board is separated from the ground, to prevent the filter be affected with damp be affected with damp. (sees attached figure 4)  7, stacking height can't more than three layers, in order to avoid the filter under the heavy pressure and deformation and damage when moving again.  8, storage period of more than three years but not more than should be tested again.Three, out of the  1, on a flat place to tear tape to outside the box body, open the lid, take out the guard plate, to turn the box body helps to smooth filter on the ground, and then pull the cartons. (sees attached figure 5)  2, after unpacking, in the process of handling, hands and other objects can never collision filter material, such as accidentally touch the filter material, both had no damage, make visual should also scan again.Fourth, to install  1, filters should be installed in the normal temperature, atmospheric pressure, often wet environment. If you want to install in the special environment such as high temperature, high humidity, use special high efficiency filtration products of the company. If bad working conditions, will inevitably make the filter life expectancy, even can't work normally after installation. Detection filter should be taken before installing the appearance without damage, deformation, breakage, filter, such as timely or more contact with the company.  2, the installation process must pay attention to the filter and installation framework (or box), the sealing between the hold-down bolts should be down a third of the gasket thickness is preferred. In order to ensure the sealing performance of filter and installation cabinet, suggested that choose the company to provide gasket. (use high temperature resistant filter must be used when the company dedicated to provide high temperature resistant seal).  3, replacing filter, be sure to send the plenum or duct wall around wiping clean thoroughly, in order to avoid the box wall of rust and dust particles on the filter, filter material in damaged condition.  4, the installation must be sure to pay attention to the airflow direction filter, can be identified according to the filter direction on the label "write" installation. The arrow direction to filter out the wind.  5, installation time frames, up in their hands move slowly into the air supply outlet, not with his hands and head to resist filter material, in order to avoid the filter material fracture, affect the filtration efficiency. (sees attached figure 8)Five, the structure of the filter Left for diaphragm filter, right to baffle plate filter Six, service life and maintenance  1, in general, when filter the end resistance of the resistance in the early of 2 times, should be replaced.  2, at ordinary times should regularly evaluate the cleanliness in the clean area, the test data of clean workshop to meet the design requirements. If can not meet the requirements, the response to filter scan and sealing to check on the system. Such as filter leakage, should fill glue or replacement. System when used again after stopping for a long time, dealing with the clean room.  3, to extend the service life of filter, often should change junior high efficiency filter.problems and solution      Phenomenon Cause Solution When scanning a small amount of particles1, filter material surface of particles      2, border leakage1, make the system for the wind for a period of time, use clean air filter      2、repair adhesiveAfter install sliding sideways1, the sealing strip breakage      2, installation framework or outlets with leakage1, replacement of seals      2, check the framework or seal, seal with sealing glueAfter installation and net system check is unqualifiedAfter indoor relative return air is negative pressure air supply system provides pressure was not enoughIncrease the system supply airFound that there is a lot of leakageFilter is brokenReplace the filterAir supply system has reached the rated air output filter in front of the wind speed is too smallDust filter has reached the rated capacityReplace the filter Commitment Company according to the product quality first, the principle of the supremacy of customers, the customer's requirements as far as possible to meet in a timely manner. The event of a failure to solve the problem, first to analysis the responsibility principle.  Warm prompt: please read it carefully for storage-transpor-tation, installation instructions, high efficiency air filter for your understanding and proper use of high efficiency filter, otherwise, caused by human error filter is damaged, the company does not undertake any responsibility. Seven, graphic (left for the correct operation, right for the wrong operation)            Figure 1 filter in the process of transportation and storage, not square,     should follow the signs placed in the box.          Chart 2 press filter diagonal handling, can not wear gloves. Chart 2 press filter diagonal handling, can not wear gloves.                                   When storing attached figure 4 application pad storehouse board separates filter and ground, prevent to be affected with damp be affected with damp.               The appended drawings may remove the filter should be made to turn the box body, smooth filter after placed on the ground, then pull the box body.               Six filter can not arbitrarily flat on the floor, should "write" is placed in the direction shown by the case identification. Attached figure 7 install filters side air, liao fold line should be perpendicular to the horizontal direction.             Both the graph is installed correctly             The above two wrong installation Attached figure 8 frames up in their hands when installation,move slowly into the air supply outlet, not with his hands and head to resist filter material, in order toavoid the filter material fracture,affect the filtration efficiency. 

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