Large Water Yield Towers Stean Device

DOUBLE TOWER DISTILLED WATER MACHINE       TZ Series    USER MANUAL   ZHEJIANG SUJING PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD     Version 2016(8)Introduction ★ The all stainless steel tower steam distilled water machine that is designed and manufactured by our our company.it is According to the water yield  sizes ,50L/H,100L/H,200L/H,400L/H,500L/H,600L/H. The product have the advantages,reasonable structure , beautiful design, excellent production i, convenient operation, large water yield, good water quality, etc., and is a unit has steam source provides the distilled water manufacturing equipment.★The material of the series of products that produced by our company is the high quality  of stainless steel. It Has the advantages of  certain acid, alkali - resistant ability; Easy to scale removal and long service life.  ★The distilled water machine is widely used in  medical and health care, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, chemical fiber industry, and other units, making high quality pure water use. Making the distilled water quality reach national pharmacopoeia of the standard of water for injection.The main technical indicators 1)Rated water yield: more than specifications of the index value.  2)Steam consumption: approximate 1:1.  3)The cooling water temperature: no higher than the room temperature;  4)Cooling water water pressure: no less than 0.3 MPa.  5)Pipe steam pressure: no less than 0.4 MPa.  6)The cooling water consumption: 1:14Structure characteristics  The structure can be named as follows according to the process water system:Filter steam tower, steam generator, filters, water tower, the cooling tower and complex cold tower..Each components can remove so that it can meet the requirement of installation, maintenance and cleaning needs.   1. The filter steam tower   2. The water pipe          3. The evaporation barrels  4. The filter             5. The condenser           6. Double cooling tower  7. Filling water pipe       8. Water inlet valve         9. Relief valve  1) Filter steam tower  ▼When the equipment has been fabricated, filter steam tower position in the left side of the equipment (see product plan), it and steam generator through the pipe union together.  There are  a pressure gauge and a relief valve in the top of the Filter steam tower , the bottom of it with a ball valve. There are one interface in the left of the Filter steam tower.It is the import of Inputting steam.  The effect of filter steam tower. When the boiler steam through the piping to equipment, at the beginning, will bring pipe product waterlogging and rust. Through the filter steam tower role and proper operation, can put these dirty water to block off side by side, and finally to evaporation tube provide clean saturated vapor, to prevent the pipe blockage, ensure barrel evaporation of the secondary distillation source water clean. So as to get to meet the quality requirements of the distilled water. 2) Steam generator  ▼The steam generator is in the bottom of the equipment. The part from the appearance, the front is water device, through the glass tube can see barrel internal waters of the basic level.There are warning pipe behind the evaporimeter new the bottom.Its action:Once the evaporation of the barrel water level is too high,it can overflow From the mouth.Limiter in the water level, because the high level, when the water boiling, will produce the splash water spray, if the water spray with rising steam into the condenser, inevitable meeting affects water quality.The another action:If there is not heat balance between the steam and the heat that absorbed by condenser.It will produce pressure in the equipment as well as the liquid level,then it will exhause through the warning pipe so that it will avoid the high pressure in the equipment.There is a rather long stainless steel spiral evaporation tube in the steam generator,Immersion in the second source water when the high temperature go through the evaporation tube,it will exchange heat with Secondary source water.At the same time the steam in the tube will condenses into distilled water,then it will output from the right of the evaporimeter by the pressure of the steam.Steam generator of the lower right interface is export, evaporator top-left interface is imports, adapter filter steam tower.Filling water tower▼Filling water tower set in the right of the equipment (see diagram),Connected by pipeline.The top of the filling water tower is active and connect the tower body by thread. Unscrew cap, can see the internal structure. Its central part is equipped with nozzle.The interface of water tower barrel edge connect with export pipe of evaporation barrel.The bottom of the water tower connect bottom of evaporation with pipe bucket. Evaporation tube output steam and water through the pipe into the water tower by the nozzle jet.The high speed flow and jet of water can exclude ammonia from water and steam.Since the lid of blocking, water down,by the principle of waterhead flow into the evaporation barrel as a secondary evaporative water.Part of the steam along the top hat aperture send out into the air. Don't screw the cap of water tower very tight when work. As long as the threaded connection and can not be opened by steam.If water need to supplement, can twist off  cap, distilled water can be from the inlet into water tower.4) Filter  ▼Middle part of the equipment, the upper part of the conical cover, is the part.Filter has two effect, due to the filter deposit within many neutral glass ball, when steam rises, only through from the clearance between the ball and the ball, bulky water droplets are blocked and cannot continue to rise, thus able to enter the steam condensation chamber with no impurity flying foam, guarantee the quality of the final output of water.Another effect is that, through the secondary distilled water condensation, gather in time and through the connected to the outside of pipe flow cooling tower.5) Cooling tower  ▼In the device's upper barrel is cooling tower.Cooling tower using column tube type condenser with reciprocating cooling method for heat transfer, condensing steam to form the distilled water.This method of heat transfer efficiency is very high, so to ensure effective water yield.The upper portion of the cooling tower on each side has one interface, according to the diagram, one to connect export interface of double cooling tower, on the other side can connect to a pipe for the condensed water out flow according to user's need (This pipe must comply down).6) Double cooling tower   ▼Equipment hanging drum is the complex cold tower in front of you.There is a cross over the left side of the double cooling tower.It is equipped with pressure gauge, is used for displaying the pressure produced by cooling water in the condenser pressure.Under the cross, it is equipped with a drain valve.When to stop the work, or condenser need maintenance, can open the valve, drain water in the condenser.The big interface of cross is for cooling water. It mainly by the method of condensation water input, has been formed into further distilled water. Basically guarantee the temperature of distilled water normal when it flow out, making it easy for users to use different storage facilities, especially made of plasticTechnical parametersModelWater dischargePressure of steam supplyPressure of cooling waterSteam consumptionRatie of water consumptionPacking size CMTZ50≥50L/H0.4MPa0.2MPa≈1:1≤1:1471*67*145TZ100≥100L/H77*73*165TZ200≥200L/H93*87*140TZ400≥400L/H113*103*165TZ600≥600L/H

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