Platelet Agitator Incubator

ZJSW Series LCD controlPlatelet agitator incubator, Characteristics ◆ Uses the industry tread warm electric circuit, to enhance compatibility of the electrically controlled system to the environment ◆ Uses the advanced WATCHDOG technology, to strengthen guarding against "down" of the computer of the monolithic integrated circuit ◆ Uses the redundant technology additionally builds the temperature monitoring alarm circuit for the independent real-time box ◆ Uses the internationally advanced MAXIM & DALLAS High accuracy numeral temperature sensor, Auxiliary revised by the software compensation to guarantee temperature survey accurately ◆ With UPS which can maintain the alarm and supervision functions for more than 72 hours ◆ Uses the double-decked transparent gate, to facilitate open-and-close process and install the door lock, the environmental protection HCFC-141b foaming agent ◆ Uses the fault display panel, to display the machine under fault spot for convenient service ◆ Use more entire English recording printing setting for convenient user’s achievement. Technological parameter ◆ Electric power 220VAC±10%, 50HZ ◆ Conserve temperature 22C±2C ◆ Agitation flatbed, 60 times per minute, 50 mm (for demand)  Model Dimension(mm) Storage area and layers(W*D*H)mm Storage bags ZJSW-1A 540*605*960 300*300*230  5 layers 5-10 bags ZJSW-1B 540*605*960 390*300*300  7 layers 7-14 bags ZJSW-2A 680*670*1050 480*300*390  10 layers 20-30 bags ZJSW-2B 680*670*1050 480*300*390  15 layers 22-33 bags ZJSW-4A 680*670*1400 480*300*680  20 layers 40-60 bags ZJSW-1E 1170*650*1570 980*300*810  20 layers*2 With two door 80-120 bags

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