SH30-2A Engineering Exploration Drilling Rig

  1. The brief introductions of exploration drilling rig

SH30-2Aengineering investigation rig is modified and designed on the basis of SH30 drilling rig. The drilling machine can be used for the covering layer of fourth Century, such as soil, clay, sand and gravel, and all kinds of mixed soil and fill. It is mainly used in the exploration of gold sand, industrial buildings and civil buildings as well as highway, railway, bridge and other engineering geological prospectingwork.

  1. The features of SH30-2Aexploration drilling rig

SH30-2Adrilling rig is simple operate and has high degrees of mechanization. With light weight, compact structure, good disintegration performance and convenient handling, the SH30-2A type drilling rig can be removable in the mountain area and is equipped with a pair of rubber wheels. The machined can be towed between different drilling holes on constructions site. .

  1. The applications of SH30-2Adrilling machine

The SH30-2Atype engineering exploration drilling rig has two kinds of drilling methods: impact and rotation. Therefore, the drilling tools of the drilling machine are divided into two kinds: impact tools and rotary tools. In order to meet the customer's individualized demand, the drilling tools are equipped in accordance with the demand , and the standard configuration does not include the rotary drilling function.

The tools used for impact drilling include lifting joints, weighting rods, impact rods, guiding pipes and impact drills. When the soil sample is used, the drilling tool used is the same as above, but only the impact bit is changed into a soil sampler.

Using sand cylinder for sand gravel and other tools are lifting joint, rod, movable joint, sand lifting cylinder. When drilling in sand and pebble layer, casing must be lowered to protect the hole wall and prevent collapse. With complete free chain clamp c

Rotary tool (Not include in standard configuration).

Rotary Table, Auger Drilling Pipe, Rotary Table Pipe Adapter,

  1. Specifications of SH30-2Adrilling rig

SH30-2A drilling rig

Drilling depth


Drilling pipediameter


Aperture diameter


End hole diameter


Drill form and vertical height

4 legs,6m



Y132S2-2/ 7.5kw/3000 r/min

Diesel engine

D180Z/ 8hp/2400 r/min


Lifting speed

Maximum lifting power (single rope, low speed)





Turntable speed







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