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Xiatong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in sales of large-scale imports of various brands of DCS system module spare parts:

ABB, AB, Siemens, BENTLY, EMERSON,SCHNEIDER, GE, Honeywell series, and other automation modules.

Our mission is to help you!

① reduce your maintenance costs!

② extended control system life!

③ to help support the existing control system!

④ provide embedded system spare parts!

⑤ all kinds of large-scale imported DCS system spare parts, spare parts.

⑥ focus on discontinued control system components &leading position!

⑦ We have our own internal inventory and a large number of suppliers for distributors to bring the best solution to meet their needs!

1 year warranty


We can shipping all over the world.via DHL,UPS,Fedex and EMS, the packaging is very safe and strong.

if you have any special needs,please notify me.

Parker 4F42EDMLOS

Bosch 3842235461

OLD CQ2D25-20D

OLD CM2L20-150A

SMC CQ1B50-10S

SMC VS3115-025DBL

Vickers DGMPS-3-B-1-10

Vickers DG4V32C

Vickers DGMPS-3-B-1-11

Parker VT40N06Y

Norgren L74M-4AP-EDN

SMC VX2231-00-5DZ1

Nachi OG-G01-B1-20

Numatics 123BA400MP14D

SMC VX2320

Vickers DG4V3-2A-MWLB

Parker 14R115FC

MAC 6311D-000-PM-11​1DA

SMC ISG130-030

Bosch 0820022026

Parker D1VW20B5Y

Vickers FNM-3A-30-JA

SMC VF3230-5DZ-02

Nachi OY-G01-T-20

Nachi OY-G01-T-11

Nachi OG-G01-AC-K-20

GC S301YF16V8BD5

SMC VHS4510-04-X1

Numatics F50B-06

Parker CKC2ANU14A14AC

Schrader 1.06DSRB05.0

Numatics L22BB452B

Bosch 0820005101


Nachi S-G01-A3X-GRZ-D​2-32

Festo LFR-D-7-5M-MIDI​-A-SA

Nagano LF205PEW-UL



Numatics R50R-06

CKD 3KA110-C2


SMC NAW4000-N04D-8


Daikin MT-01W-10

Mac 551F-04-25

Parker H22VXPG023B


Taco MVS-214-02Z1S-0​7

Vickers DG4S4-017C-50-S​87H

Festo MUHX2-ZP-D-1-24​G



Parker D1VW1D56Y

Numatics 1500D02-01I-04

ARO P29221-110

Bimba FM-31230-3

Vickers FNM-3B-30-JA

Numatics 122RQ100J016W

SMC CDM2E32-125

SMC CDM2E32-100



Wilkerson R16-03-000A

Spears D2466

Ross 5211B3017

Norgren 11-002-061

Sun YPC1 LAN HA-224

Vickers XAM-02-JA-20-J

Numatics 081RS400J


SMC VX2240V-03-5DZ1​-B

Norgren F12-400-M3DA

SMC IR2000-02BG

SMC SY3120-5L-M5

Yuken MCP-01-0-30

Toyo-Oki HK3H-W-Y-025B

Numatics 229-749

Nachi SA-G01-E3X-C1-1​1

Daikin MT-02B-50

Bosch 0821100011

Asco 8320A178

SMC VF3122-1D-01-F-​Q

SMC SY3340-5L0Z

Nachi OC-G01-P1-10

ASCO 304877

Vektek 70-5430-07

Numatics 123BB400MP

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