SNAT633PAC SNAT 633 PAC 61049444 ABB

SNAT633PAC SNAT 633 PAC 61049444 ABB

SNAT633PAC SNAT 633 PAC 61049444 ABB



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1.Quality: New and original item

2. Warranty: 1 year warranty

3.Package: Original packing with cartons

4.Shipment: via DHL/TNT/UPS/EMS/Fedex





Programmable Control System spare parts:
Allen-bradley:1756 1771 1785 1769
Siemens: 6ES7 6ES5
GE:IC697 IC698
Motorola:MVME162 MVME137 MVME147
Distributed Conutrol System:
Invensys Foxoboro:FBM01 FBM02 FBM09 FBM10 FBM201 FBM209
Invensys Triconex: 3503E 3664 3721 3625 4351D 3700A
ABB bailey:BRC300 BRC400 BRC410 AC800 IMASI23
Westinghouse Ovation:1C31

Servo control system spare parts:
Kollmorgen: SM71K 6SM27 AKV23F 60WKS 65WKS
Seimens: 6DD1606 6SN1118 6FC5203 6RB2000 6SC6508 6FX2007 6FM2805 6AV6542
Bosh Rexroth: HCS02.1E HMS01.1N HLB01.1C MSK060B MKE118B MSM020B MHD071B
SEW: MDX61B0022 MDS60A0040 MDF60A0015 MDV60A0015 MCH42A0220 MCV40A0075
Spare parts for robot control system:
3ADT220090R0006 SDCS-PIN-15-COAT
3ADT313900R1501 SDCS-CON-4
3ADT209022R0001 SDCS-FEX-425-INT
3ADT315100R1001 SDCS-POW-4
2213-75SLRAMO72 2213-75SLRAM072
3BSE000460R1 PFBO161



PAC2500   2500E 4LOOPUW PBUSDPV1 MMS6312 12P3275X022 KJ3204X1-BA1 1756-PA72
P0922AE IC693CPU372 3A99158G01 1756-PA75
MVI56E-MNET IC693CPU374 5X00059G01  1756-PA75R
MVI56-MNET IC693CPU374-KZ 5X00070G04  1756-PAR2
5201-DFNT-EGD IC693DSM302 5X00105G14  1756-PB72
MVI56E-MCM IC693MDL330 5X00106G01  1756-PB75
MVI56E-MCMXT IC693MDL645 5X00109G01  1756-PB75R
MVI46-MCM IC693MDL646 5X00109G02  1756-PLS
MVI69E-MBS IC693MDL740 5X00119G01   1756-RIO
MVI56E-MNETC IC693MDL740F 5X00121G01   1756-RM
MVI69-ADM IC693MDL741 5X00167G01    1756-RM/A
PS69-DPS IC693MDL741C 5X00226G02  1756-RM2
MVI56-CSC IC693MDL752 5X00241G02  1756-RM2/A
MVI56E-MNETCR IC693MDL930 5X00270G01  1756-RMC1
MVI69-PDPMV1 IC693PBM200 H7506 3A99220G01 
FCM100ET P0926GS IC693PBS105 Z7116 5X00419G01  
P0961BS-OC IC200CPU002 Z7126 5X00419G02   
P0972VA IC200CPUE05 Z7127 5X00489G01  
FBM239  P0927AG IC200GBI001 Z7138 7379A21G01 
CNT204 IC200MDD843 F3330 7379A21G02 
BS207 BIO459 BIO459/01 IC200MDL740 F8641 IC31224G01  
DIO32-C MC-TDIY22 BS207    BIO459   BIO459/01 5X00357G02
3500/25-01-01-00 MC-TDOY22 DIO32-C 5X00481G01
3500/25-01-01-01 MC-TSIM12 BS205    BIO413   BIO413/00 PU515 3BSE013063R1
3500/25-01-01-02 MU-FOED02 BS204    BIO246  BIO246/00 PU515A 3BSE032401R1


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