SHONSIN silicone wire has excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent high pressure resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and can be used for a long time. SHONSIN silicone wire is widely used in high temperature wire environments such as lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric appliances, instruments, motor leads and electronics, lamps and so on.

Description of SHONSIN Silicone Wire

SHONSIN UL Passed Silicone Wire Style:

Hook Up Wire: UL3122, UL3123, UL3135, UL3512, UL3536

High Voltage Cable: UL11067 ( double insulated silicone wire )

One of the obvious benefits for SHONSIN silicone wire and silicone cable is flexibility. The combination of silicone rubber cable and the 0.08mm / 0.06mm OFC or Tinned Copper conductor yields the most flexible wire construction. This type of silicone wire is ideal with applications where routing a silicone rubber wire through a tight space is required such as box builds, equipment, or handheld devices and has excellent weather-ability.

The standard temperature range is -60°C to 200°C. In most applications, it may be heated from 180 to 200°C for a year and is also very flexible at extremely low temperatures (stiffening temperature of approximately -115°C). Compared to Thermoplastic material (like PVC), silicone insulation will not melt when exposed to high temperatures. If the insulation melts, this may cause a short circuit which is very dangerous. SHONSIN high temperature silicone cable is resistant to high temperatures and will not melt.

Silicone Wire with double insulation (UL11067) has excellent High-Voltage ratings and is often used for 6KV / 10KV High-Voltage. Therefore, the flex silicone wire will be the best choice for high voltage operations.

The downside to silicone is its abrasion resistance, which is fair. Depending on the application this may have no impact, the best uses are static installations or when the silicone wire or silicone cable is not subject to contact with sharp objects. Formulations are available to increase abrasion resistance.

Another disadvantage is general silicone insulated cable is not fire resistant which cannot pass the UL test. VW-1 Standard silicone insulated cable can be customized. But the price is double compared to general silicone cable.

SHONSIN offer bulk silicone wire for sale, welcome for more information about silicone wire and silicone cable.

Features of SHONSIN Silicone Cable


Halogen Free

Thermoset Insulation

Temperature Rating: -60℃~+200℃

Voltage Rating: 30V~10000V

Conductor: 32 AWG - 2 AWG Stranded.

Standard: Appliance Wiring Material UL 758.

Fire Resistant: UL VW-1 & CSA FT1(Optional)

RoHS Compliant

REACH Compliant

California 65 Compliant & BPA Free (Optional)

Resistant to acids, alkalis.

General Silicone Rubber with none fire-resistant (Disadvantage)

General Silicone Rubber not resistant to oil (Disadvantage)

Low abrasion resistance

Shonsin Electronics Co., Ltd ( Shonsin Cable ) was established in 2006.

Ever since it was established by Zhou Xinhua, 15 years ago, Shonsin Cable has dedicated itself in manufacturing only the best quality electrical wires and cables,such as8 gauge silicone wire, 3 core silicone cable, 22 gauge silicone wire, 20 gauge silicone wire, 2.5 mm silicone wire, 2 conductor silicone wireThroughout the past 15 years, we have established a reputable name in the cable and wire manufacturing industry. And, over the years, we have seen tremendous growth in business that is still growing as evidenced by our most recent business venture in the ethical manufacturing of PVC plastic. This is primarily due to the premium quality, fast delivery & excellent post-sales service that we consistently provide our customers. The principles that governed us and helped us grow from a small time cable manufacturer, to one of the leading wire and cable manufacturer and supplier in the region, remains firmly entrenched in our company culture today. To this day, we constantly work to bring our customers products that are unrivaled in quality, design, and reliability at a competitive price.

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