P6.66 Flexible LED Display

With the increasing demands and requirements of irregular LED display, we designed a brand new flexible LED module for this kind of particular market. The material of PCB is made by FPCB, could be made into irregular shapes according to different requests, and widely used in the stage decoration, fashion show, TV station, bank, plaza, shopping mall, hotel and Bar.Flexible module, special shapes, easy installation.1.The material of mask is silicon, high flatness and high color uniformity.2.The module is soft and flexible, could be designed into any different shapes as you can imaging. For example, It can be made into cylinder-shape, S-shape, wave-shape by connecting the modules and fixed frame or cabinet.3.Connected by fast power and data connectors, flexible module could easily reach different shapes LED display.Specification:ModelP6.66Pixel Pitch6.66mmScanning12SPixel Density22500dots/㎡Pixel ConfigurationSMD3528Module Resolution48dotsx24dotsModule Size320mmx160mmCabinet Size640mmx640mmCabinet Resolution96dotsx96dotsBrightness1100~1300cd/㎡Refresh Rate1920HzWeight8.8Kg/㎡Viewing Anglehorizontal140 ,vertical140Power Consumption(Max,Average)420W/168W/㎡Signal inputCustomized

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