Outdoor Rental LED Display

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Rental LED Display

  RO Series

  Pixel Pitch:P3.91/P4.81/P5.95/P6.25


  Cabinet Size:500*500mm/500*1000mm

  Certainly rental LED display is the best solution for outdoor

  advertising It can work in different brightness level and outdoor

  circumstances.Rental led display can also be used at stage, bank,

  promotion, exhibition,station, KTV, stadium

  airport and other outdoor places.

  Slim and light-weight

  Standard cabinet size 500*500mm/500*1000mm

  Cabinet weighnt is only 8kg/pcs and 13.5kg/pcs

  Thin and light cabinet design is easy for assebly, installation and disassembly. The standard 500x500mm and 500x1000mm size can meet all requirements for somespecial dimension,especially for srage application.

  Curved installation avaiable

  500x1000mm cabinet support for curved installation to meet stage requirements for different shapes such as "S","O""L""T""C""E",ect.

  Quick installation

  Rental cabinet is slim with fast lock and humanized design to simplify the whole system.

  High brightness and high definition

  Brighntness can reach 5000CD/㎡,even under sunlight can see screen clearly.

The advanced configuration enrures it's high contrast ratio,high refresh rate and high grey scale,which delivery an excellent visual effect

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