clear glass display screenfeatures in super (or ultra) transparent, simple, high contrast ratio, smart, high refresh rate, new configuration equal characteristic creating a more efficient and valuable urban media! Transparent LED screens can be converted into more valuable media promotions with unique visual impact forces, such as glass window, glass curtain walls, video walls or large indoor commercial spaces. YIPLED ® transparent led display to keep the elegant appearance and high transparency, and become a new media, irreplaceable and a wider range of business applications, and leverage the larger advertising markets.

Event StagingICE screen is a new type of LED display with features like led screen transparent, easy to install and disassemble, smart control etc. A totally new, irreplaceable, creative application effect can be realized by using transparent led screen in concert...

Event Staging

Retail AdvertisingBoosting your ROI on digital technolgy to generate conversation with audience. The retailer evolves with new technology, a transparent digital signage will bring more creativity and attraction of the brands to customer.

Retail Advertising

Large Indoor Space DisplayIn the indoor environment of airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, convention centers, hotel theaters, urban and commercial complexes and other large-scale construction and commercial spaces, the high-definition, colorful, holographic...

Large Indoor Space Display

Glass LED WallDisplay. The perfect combination of LED intelligent transparent screen and architectural glass curtain wall is seamless with the building, without changing the appearance of the building. It does not affect the transparency and lighting of the glass walls...

Glass Wall Display


YIPLED smart transparent LED display, with diversity products (different pixel pitch and specification) to apply into diversity market. YIPLED's wide portfolio includes Ice Series transparent led screen, Jade Series transparent glass display, Poster Series transparent led display, and Crystal Series see through led screens. All of these screens have the same advantages of 85% transparency, smart control, plug and play, high refresh rate (3840Hz) can be customized to >10,000Hz, wider viewing angle(160°), and 3 years warranty (Exception: rental series 1 year). Speak to a representative of Ydea Group sales team and buy yours from the leading transparent LED display manufacturer in China. Find more resources like videos, faqs, pdfs from the support page.

Jade Series

Jade Series

Application scenarios

Glass Wall Large indoor space

More >>

Jade Series

Transparent led display screen Jade series by government thumb up. Create the open view in large space indoors, and make advertising emerge into architecture and life!

Transparency: 87%Brightness: 5500cd/㎡Viewing Angle: 120°Depth: 21mmMore >>

Ice Series

Ice Series

Application scenarios

Stage rental business

More >>

Ice Series

The transparent screen is used for international dancing.Change the visual world,and lead the new performance and art fashion!

Transparency: 82%Brightness: 5000cd/㎡Viewing Angle: 120°Depth: 38mm

More >>

Poster Series

Poster Series

Application scenarios

Glass Windows

More >>

Poster Series

The transparent screen series that is popular with retail brands. Let customers experience the scenery outside window, and make each store capture every selling point!

Transparency: 82%Brightness: 5000cd/㎡Viewing Angle: 160°Depth: 37mmMore >>


LED wisdom transparent screen is a new type of transparent LED display,

with very deeply, minimalist, intelligent, highlighting features, transparent display

characteristics of novel and unique, new, irreplaceable, more extensive commercial applications,

driving more mass media advertising market. YIPLED is the first led display manufacturer in China mainland to provide smart transparent LED screens with overall video display solutions.

With the top R&D ability in the industry, YIPLED is the only one company who can provide the hardware, software, firmware, structure design, and cloud technology all by itself. YIPLED delivers the versatile transparent LED display to various applications including: retail glass window, building glass wall, airport, bank, hotel, shopping mall, 4S store, luxury store etc.


YIPLED transparent LED displays perform at world class event including Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics "Beijing 8-minutes", Beijing International Film Festival, Accura World Debut, Beijing International Auto Show, Faye's Music Tour, CCTV show (AI, National Treasure), Spring Festival shows, etc. Check out high performance transparent LED screen cases and request a product catalog. Industry Leader. Featured Products. High-Performance Transparent Display With Expert Technical Support.

Do you want to buy transparent led display, If you want to buy , please contact us in time.

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