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LED海报支持WIFI,USB,HDMI和网络电缆连接。用户可以使用计算机或智能手机进行控制。它具有内置的同步和异步双模式媒体播放器,无需视频处理器即可实现实时放大和缩小。LED海报带有8 GB内存,并支持USB扩展。无需担心程序大小和内存不足。

In addition to using singly, the posters LED Display can be daisy-chained up to 10 units to play enlarged videos, images, and text. It’s easy to adjust the screen size by using different quantities of Portable led posters.


Light Weight & Ultra-thin Frame

In addition to on-floor standing, the NSE LED poster also supports wall-mounted, hanging, and creative splicing installation methods. You can not only place the poster LED Display vertically but horizontally to meet special project installation requirements. One device for multiple uses.


Smart Control & Multiple-unit Cascade

Comparing the similar product in the market. The NSE smart LED poster has lightweight, take the model indoor P3 smart LED poster as an example. its weight is only 35kg. With the wheels on the stand, even one person can move it easily. it’s easier and more cost-effective for transferring.

Not only lightweight but also the NSE LED poster has a thin frame with a thickness of only 45mm (about 1.77 inches). The ultra-thin frame ensures that the gap between the smart LED posters is smaller after multiple units splicing. Only around 3mm, which is the smallest in the market.


Wide Applicability, Indoor and Outdoor Models Available

The LED poster is an alternative to traditional roll-up and banners. It can be widely used in stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, trade shows, events, restaurants, hotels, bars, and schools.

To meet standard display requirements to achieve a luxury visual feast. For the indoor Portable led poster we provide P3, P2.5, and P2 three pixel pitches for consumers to choose from. Based on the indoor LED poster, we designed and developed the outdoor P3 LED poster in 2019. And launched a high brightness HD P2.5 outdoor LED poster in 2020. Which is very cutting-edge in the entire industry.


External Device Compatible to Achieve Intelligence

In order to achieve further energy saving, our LED poster can be connected to an external light sensor. And the brightness of the screen can be automatically adjusted according to the environment.

To achieve a better advertising effect, the digital LED poster is able to connect with the speaker. Not only this, the LED poster support interactive function(customizable). Easier to make your advertising impressive and unforgettable.


Fast Delivery

We are well aware that customers always look forward to receiving goods soon after placing an order. Shipping sometimes only takes a few days. While in some distant countries, it takes one to two months to receive the goods. Therefore, our hot-selling items are always in stock. So that customers don’t have to wait for more than 10 days of production time.

We have freight forwarders that have cooperated for many years. So that when you inquire about freight, we can give the most cost-effective freight plan faster.


Customization Service

To help you build a brand, we provide customized service to enable more of your creations can be achieved.

We can help you to print your logo on the cabinet to make your device more recognized in the market. If you are not satisfied with our cabinet color or screen dimension. as long as you provide pantone color and size information, We will do our best to meet your project requirements.


User Friendly, Plug and Play

LED poster is an LED display product that is very suitable for end-users to use. Simply put, after you send the program, the LED poster can automatically play video, pictures, text, and other programs once you connect the plug. No need to repeat software settings and other work when you use it later on.


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