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l   If you have any question pls do not hesitate to contact us. We can supply all kind of the automation parts,

l   If you purchase one more parts from us, we can make a discount to you.

l   If you want to purchase parts pls send the parts model to my mail.

YOU MAY intrested:

SPD 2.50-A1-0     PLC FPU120H-A10      YOKOGAWA SD1050A04-2SN

Honeywell 51304754-100 MU-PAIH03        HONEYWELL 51309152-175 MC-PAOX03

KEB 14F5A1E-3AMA        DKC01.1-040-7-FW FWA-ECODRV-ASE-02VRS-MS

EVS9324-ES               MCS 06C41-RS0B0-A11N-ST5S00N-R0SU+PLE80

3051CD3A52A1AB4        690PB/0055/400/3/0/0010/FR/0/0/0/0/0

NT631C-ST151-EV2        GP2500-SC41-24V         GP2401H-TC41-24V

S-D4007-F                 WR-D4006-A              MDD-250SA 2.5KW

A8GT-70G0T-EW +A7GT-BUS+A8GT-PWEL             MR-H500AN

MR-J200A                 T720-022EL8               A.F.038.5/01 38.99 /AF038501

LXM15LD21M3            PLC CPU TSX P57252       LC TSXP57453M

VX4RZD303 + VW2RZD303       029.354665/00 ,029.354937

6ES5 470-7LB12        6ES5184-3UA11      6ES5921-3WB15    6ES5942-7UA12

6ES7 414-3XJ00-0AB0    6ES7313-6CE01-0AB0    6ES7314-5AE03-0AB0

6FX1121-2BB02+6fx1134-2bc01        6SC6120-0FE00 /462 012.9054.00

6SE7090-0XX84-0AF0 + 6SE7090-0XX84-0AJ0

C98043-A1352-L2      C98043-A1601-L1      C98043-A1601-L1-16    PLC 6ES5242-1AA32

SCD 1597-ET 6AV8100-1BB00-0AA0     C98043-A1600-L1-17 C98043-A1600-L1-15

6SE7032-2FC85-0JA0 /C98043-A1696-L1        6ES5188-3UA11

6ES5308-3UA12 6ES5 308-3UA12       6ES5941-7UA13          6GK1143-0AA0

6SC 6110-6AA00       6SC6100-0GB00 462 010.9060.12 C98043-A1304-L

C98043-A1054-L4-10        C98043-A1601-L1      C98043-A1601-L4-11   DCS 6DS1140-8AA

DCS 6DS1223-8AC    DCS 6DS1312-8BB     DCS 6DS1327-8AA       DCS 6DS1330-8CA

DCS 6DS1701-8AA    DCS 6DS1702-8AA     DCS 6DS1844-8DA

C98043-A1001-L5 09   C98043-A1600-L1-11 c98043-a1600-L1-18

C98043-A1601-L1      6fc5548-0aa02-0aa0     3RW2234-0DB15      C98043-A1601-L1-17

1C31169G02          OVATION  1C31122G01         Ovation 1C31179G02

1C31129G03 ovation   1C31232G02 INPUT MODULE   WESTINGHOUSE  OVATION 5X00070G01

Westinghouse OVATION 5X00106G01           1X00024H01 WH1-2FF

1C31174G03         1C31233G01             ADAM5550KW+ADAM-5051S

tele  R15W 3PD

Kl?ckner Moeller  PKZM1-0,6 GEB

Murr  Art.No. 52500 GEB

Siemens  5SY4116-7 NOV

Kl?ckner Moeller  FAZ-C4 NOV

Kl?ckner Moeller  FAZ-C4/1 278553...

Eaton  DILM1000-XHI11-?SA 278427 OV...

Siemens  5SY4 104-7 5SY41047 OVP

Siemens  5SX2106-6 GEB

Siemens  5SX2103-7 GEB

Kl?ckner  DIL R22 GEB

Siemens  5SX2102-7 NOV

Siemens  5SX2101-7 GEB

Kl?ckner  DIL ER-22 230V/50Hz GEB

Telemecanique  ZCE28 019089 OVP

Schneider  GVAD0110 OVP

MURR  7000-88241-2300?200 N...

Kl?ckner Moeller  11 DIL EM NOV

Siemens  3VL9600-8CE00 NOV

Siemens  3TX4422-2G GEB

ABB  S202-C2 2CDS251001R0024 GEB

Lindner  NH0GG50V50 50A/~500V (3Stk) O...


New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging Certifications apply: when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.


AMIKON is a leading global supplier of control system components. We specialize in control systems and drives. With many years of experience in the industrial sector, we consistently deliver the highest quality of spare parts.

We currently have more than 50 million DCS card PLC modules in stock at any time.



Logistic partners UPS, FedEx and DHL

International delivery available

Same day dispatch from group stock

Our regular handling time is 2-3 working days after receipt of confirmed/verified payments .


T/T supported


All parts sold by AMIKON have a 12-month warranty. And all have undergone rigorous testing and certification.


We accept goods back only if there are functional problem within 14 days. Buyer is to pay the return shipping charges.

We intend to satisfy our buyer’s expectations and will gladly issue a refund, or re-ship the purchase, like

If you receive incorrect items: the buyer must notify us within 14 days of order receipt, please include your order number and details. Any shipping charges incurred in returning items are buyer’s responsibility. In case of defects or refund buyer are requested to ship the product back in its original condition with a RMA number received from us.

If you are not satisfied with our product or service contact us for quick resolution. We look forward to all our customers 100% satisfaction.

Please contact us for any query regards the product and your package!

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Augmented Reality Platform Gets an Immersive Boost

Upskill has made its Skylight AR software available on Microsoft Hololens, which provides a more immersive, mixed-reality experience. The binocular technology enables multiple screens in a 3D view.

 By Aaron Hand , Executive Editor, on October 15, 2018

There seems to be considerable excitement about the capabilities that augmented reality (AR) can bring to the manufacturing workforce—particularly the idea of maintenance personnel accessing hands-free instructions and remote guidance to help them complete their tasks. But it’s important to keep in mind that not all AR is created equal.

Upskill, an AR software developer, has announced that its Skylight platform is now available for public early access on Microsoft HoloLens. This means that the software platform that previously supported an assisted-reality version of AR on mobile devices is evolving to be a multi-experience platform covering mixed-reality scenarios on HoloLens. “What we are doing with the Skylight for HoloLens is we’re evolving that experience to be more immersive,” said Jay Kim, Upskill’s chief strategy officer.

In its broadest sense, AR is any experience that enhances the user’s real-world context. Within that, there are subdomains along a spectrum of capabilities. With assisted-reality wearables, the effect is similar to holding a 7-inch tablet at arm’s length, with just a single fixed screen in your view, Kim explained. Examples of monocular hardware that Skylight has been available on previously include Glass Enterprise Edition, Vuzix M300 and RealWear HMT-1/Z1.

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