Endoscope Insertion Tube

The insertion tube of the endoscope is a major differentiating feature among endoscopes designed for gastroenterology. Although obvious differences exist depending on the application of the endoscope (e.g., the extra-long length of the endoscope, the thinness of a transnasal esophagoscope), the subtler differences between endoscope models are just as important. This is especially true for colonoscopes; although endoscopists may prefer using a particular colonoscope model for various reasons, the instrument’s insertion tube characteristics more than anything else likely cause an endoscopist to pick a particular colonoscope as the instrument of choice. If any single specification of the instrument can determine the speed and ease with which the endoscopist can insert the instrument, it is the mechanical characteristics of the insertion tube.

Endoscope manufacturers have put significant effort into refining the construction of the fy tube and selecting ideal materials. The insertion tube usually contains (1) tubes for suction (biopsy), air, and water feeding; (2) often an additional tube for a forward water jet; (3) four angulation control wires; (4) fine electrical wires connecting the charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensor at the distal tip of the endoscope to the video processor; and (5) delicate glass fibers for bringing light from the light source to the distal end of the endoscope. Colonoscopes with adjustable insertion tube flexibility have an additional component—a tensioning wire to control insertion tube stiffness. Duodenoscopes also have an additional wire/coil sheath running the length of the insertion tube for controlling the up-and-down position of the forceps elevator.

Types Of Endoscope Insertion Tube
There are several different endoscopy tube size, each of which is designed for use in specific medical procedures. Partial Specification for Ref.

The Benefits of Flexible Endoscope Insertion Tube
Flexible endoscope insertion tubes have several advantages over rigid endoscope insertion tube material. One of the primary benefits is that they can navigate more easily through the body's natural curves and contours, allowing for a more thorough examination.

Flexible insertion tube for endoscopy is also less likely to cause damage to surrounding tissues or organs. This is because they can bend and flex as they move through the body, reducing the risk of puncture or tearing.

Another benefit of flexible endoscope insertion tube is that they are typically less painful for patients. Because they are able to bend and flex, they can more easily navigate through the body without causing discomfort.

Endoscope Insertion Tube FAQs

What is an Endoscope Insertion Tube
An endoscope insertion tube is a long, thin tube that is used to guide an endoscope into a patient's body during a medical procedure. It is made up of a series of flexible or rigid tubes that are joined together to form a single long tube. The endoscope insertion tube is inserted into the body through a small incision or natural opening, such as the mouth or anus.

What are the Risks Associated with Endoscope Insertion Tubes
While endoscope insertion tubes are generally safe, there are some risks associated with their use. These risks can include infection, bleeding, and damage to surrounding tissues or organs. In rare cases, the insertion of an endoscope insertion tube can also cause a perforation or tear in the organ being examined.

Patients who undergo a procedure involving an endoscope insertion tube should be monitored closely for any signs of complications, such as fever, pain, or bleeding.

For more information about endoscopy repair, please feel free to contact us!

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