ZP31E ZP29E Rotary Tablet Press

Structure Features:Double-pressing type,Website:, outputting tablets from both sides, nonstandard die. Capable of pressing the particle raw material into larger diameter round tablets and custom shape tablets of various sizes.It has double-pressing function, i.e., pre-pressing and main-pressing, the tablet quality will be improved.Hand wheel adjusting mechanism with digital display, accurate and flexible.Utilize the variable frequency stepless speed control device, easy to operate, safe and reliable.Equipped with overload protection device. The machine will stop automatically when the overpressure happens.The enclosing shield is fully closed, made of stainless steel. The internal tablet surface is made of stainless steel. All parts contacting medicine are made of stainless steel material or surface treated, free of toxicity, corrosion resistant.The rotary tablet surface is treated specially, capable of keeping the surface finish and avoiding the cross pollution, compliant with GMP requirements.The four sides of tablet pressing chamber are made of transparent organic glass, and can be opened completely. It is easy to clean and maintain. The secure lighting is equipped inside of the chamber, capable of watching the tablet pressing conditions clearly.Double color tablet can be produced according to client's requirement.Main Technical Specifications:TypeZP31EZP29EDies (sets)3129Maximum Pre-pressure (KN)1010Maximum Pressure (KN)80100Maximum diameter of tablets (mm)2225Maximum Depth of Filling (mm)1519Thickness of tablet (mm)610Turret speed (r/minMaximum Production Capacity (tablets/hourDiameter of the punch (mm)2626Length of upper/lower punch (mm)115115Outer diameter of the die (mm)3638.1Height of the die (mm)23.81223.812Motor  (kw)45.5Overall Dimensions(mm)110*1150*1680Net Weight (kg)18501950

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