Paper Cardboard Recycling

When it comes with the waste paper recycling, there are many conversion products in the recycling, such as office paper, tissue paper, corrugated paper etc. But many investor put off the project for reason of high investment and certificate affairs. Based on the market demands, ROTECHO develop a more affordable and efficient method than market to get high-valued paper trays that active in various field to optimize the waste paper value in different aspect. This production is easy to operate, that includes pulping, molding, drying and remolding (optional) procedure.

ROTECHO's paper mill waste disposalcan eat both waste paper from paper millwaste, express package, school waste book, old newspaper & magazine, cardboardetcand agriculture waste from the sugarcane, rice stalk, bamboo etc. Our different molding system will assist to get a quality product for the market by the following procedure.


Scrap paper recycling machinemainly process waste paper and pulp board into fine pulp fiber with certain concentrationto prepare for the molding process.

Molding process

Aspecial designed molding machine can collect the pulp and shape slurry into different wet tray. Such as:

Egg tray, duck egg tray, egg carton, paper fruit container, apple tray, golf ball plate, shoes tray, coffee cup tray etc.

Paper egg tray is not only for eggs, but also suitable for duck egg, electronic product, machine parts, sound insulation material, golf balls, brake package etc.

Industry packing trays, electronic appliance tray, corner cushion package, garden pot, hospital service tray, medical disposal trays, bedpan, paper bowl etc.

Food container, biodegradable pulp tableware, food box, food tray, take-out food package etc.

Drying process

Different drying option will help to get a qualified product ready to create economic income for customer.

Idea solution for the paper recycling not only depends on the widely usage and promising market of final product, most important is the sustainabledevelopment, that final product can be recycled again. If you get any concern with this paper recycling solution, please contact us for detail information.

Rotechois devoted to supplying various waste recycling machine. If you would like to buy paper recycling machine, just contact us. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.

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