Butyl Inner Tube Scrap

PU Foam Scrap

We offer polyurethane foam scraps of best quality (grade A).
Our material is clean, dry and low skin. Scraps are in bales of cm.150 x 110 x 150 closed by burnished rapid strings.


Preferred density range: 15 to 50 kg/m3
Clean & dry unused off-cuts: 100%
Color: White/black/Mixed
Packing: In compressed by bales
Packaging: bales cm. 150 x 110 x 150
Weight: 350-400kg/bale
Loading Quantity: 22-25tons/40'ft HQ
Lead time: 1-3 days
Supply ability : 10000 tons per month


Please kindly write for the product picture.

We have the following Recycling Waste Plastics & Metals Scrap below for sale at affordable discount price.

Pet Bottles Scrap
Pet Flakes Scrap
Pet Straps Scrap
Pex Strippings & Purge
Pet Film Roll Scrap
X Ray Film Scrap
PP/PE Diaper Scrap
Baby Diapers Scrap on Bales
Copper Wire Scrap 99.99%
Copper Milberry Scrap 99.99%
Compressor Scrap
Aluminium Extrusion 6063 Scrap
Aluminum Casting Scrap
Aluminium Ingot Scrap
Aluminium Billet Scrap
Alloy Wheels Scrap
Aluminium UBC Scrap
Aluminum Paste
Aluminium Litho Sheet Scrap
Metal HMS 1/2 Scrap
Mattresses Wire Scrap
Stainless Steel Scrap 304
Silicon Steel Scrap - B Type
Used Rails Scrap
ABS Computer Scrap
ABS TV Cases Black
ABS Regrind Scrap
Computer Motherboard Scrap
Computer Memory RAM Scrap
Computer CPU Scrap
Boat Engine Scrap
PVC Window Profile Scrap
PVC Pipe Scrap
Hanger Scrap
EPS Block Scrap
EPS Resin
PMMA Sheet Scrap
Battery Scrap
Tyre Scrap on Bales
Tyre Wire Scrap
Used Electric Motor Scrap
Paper Scrap ( Occ, Onp, Oinp, Yellow Pages Directories, Omg, A3 / A4 Waste Office Paper, Kraft Paper )
Double A4 Copy Paper 80gsm, Paper One A4 Copy Paper, Xerox A4 Copy Paper, IK Yellow A4 Copy Paper
Wood Scrap
Hdpe Milk Bottles Scrap
HDPE White Buckets
Hdpe Blue & Mix Color Drum Scrap
Hdpe Mix Color Bottle
HDPE Resin/Granules
HDPE Regrind
HDPE Film Scrap on Rolls
Preform Scrap
HIPS Scrap (High Impact Polystyrene)
Ldpe Film Scrap
Ldpe Film Roll Scrap
Ldpe Film on Bales
Ldpe Resin/Granules
XLPE Scrap
PVB Film Scrap
PU Foam Scrap
PA Finishing Net Scrap
Nylon Fishing Net Scrap
Nylon 66 Airbags - Mixed Color - Silicone Coated Scrap
Mixed Color Nylon 66 Fiber
Nylon 66 Airbag Scrap
Nylon-Carpet Scrap in Bales
PA Air Bags Scrap
PA-PE-Nat Film Scrap
PP Supersacks Scrap
PVC Chopped
PP Backing Scrap
PP Jumbo Bag Scrap
PC CD/DVD Scrap ( CD Lumps & CD Lumps Regrind , Polycarbonate CD Granules & Polycarbonate Clear Flakes )
PC Water Bottle scrap
PC Water Bottle Regrind
Used Video Games Scrap
Used LCD / Monitor Scrap
Aluminium Engines Scrap
Used Alternator
Used DVD
Used Laptops
Used Photocopier
Used CRT Monitors
Used Desktop CPU
Catalytic Converter Scrap
Transformer Scrap
Nylon Conveyor Belt Scrap
Cast Iron Scrap
BOPP Film Scrap (Transperent/Metalized)
Butyl Inner Tube scrap
Butyl Bladder Scrap
Aluminum-Copper Radiator- TALK

If you are interested in any of our products, Please write us with your and number for more imformation, product details/pictures and fast reply.

Our Email: sales@kpwasteltd.com
SKYPE ID: sales@kpwasteltd.com

We look forward to serve you better. Thanks.


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