Baking Raw Materials Black Sesame

Product Details Introduction of baking raw material black sesame We offer highly cleaned baking raw materials black sesame. Baking raw materials black sesame seeds are mainly used for medicinal purpose & flavorings on various bakery products.It carries medicinal properties and it is therefore advisable to take them raw or roasted or its oil to cure some of human diseases.Baking raw materials black sesame seeds which we offer are carefully cleaned.The high nutritious qualities of sesame seed are strongly considered and they are added in several plates, salads and dressings. These baking raw materials black sesame seeds have a nutty taste and are sprinkled on several varieties of vegetables, noodles and even in rice. And also can be used in pie crusts as well as a substitute for nuts. Furthermore it can be garnished on various starters or as crispy coating on various food items. 9 (2) Product labeling Product name:Shermark cooked black sesame Material: 100% black sesame seed Product Category:Baking food Production date: See the label on the bottle Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Shelf life: 18 months Nutrition Nutrient name Per 100g Nutrient reference value Energy 2720 KJ 32% Protein 18.9 g 32% Fat 56 g 93% Carbohydrate 19.2 g 6% Sodium 7 mg 0% 8 (2) Because the black sesame is full of grains, the sesame shell will fall off when the temperature is too high during the frying process, and the temperature of roasted sesame is also the best. If the sesame shown in the figure is found in the product, we do not add white sesame to the product, which is a normal phenomenon. Product details & Applications 7 5 Black sesame and jujube congee: 500g of Japonica rice; roasted black sesame and milled into powder. After the water in the pot is heated, put the japonica rice, black sesame powder and red jujube into the pot together. First boil them over a large fire, then boil them over a small fire to make congee. When eating, add sugar to taste. Features: fragrant, sweet and delicious, with nourishing liver and kidney, black hair and other therapeutic effects. Sesame and walnut congee: use 50g roasted black sesame and 100g walnut kernel to mash them together, add some rice and water to make congee. This porridge can nourish the liver and kidney, and has therapeutic effect on secondary cerebral atrophy. f10069f89ae5da80-dfb99bb2ab1ca7b0-55bd8bd3f3aa9af655f970100fe865be 0eefa46317be0ea6-805c4a94a884bff6-8cbe33b95900f2323ce3981cd9124f2f Company profile 1 In 2000, Shermark has been established with the principle of supplying premium quality products. The company is promoted by the team of professionals having decades of experience is such field.With incomparable high quality products, the company has earned good reputation world-wide and has succeeded in building long-term customers base in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South America & Asia pacific countries, etc. Customer’s satisfaction is our prime success. To imbibe, practice & maintain the quality of products at the apex of its purity, originality, and contamination free standards at all analytical parameters of its best quality. Our Commitment : Premium Products & Services Prime focus of Shermark has always been providing best quality at reasonable prices to our customers and to guarantee this, we are national QS food safety certification,HACCP food safety system certification,USA food and therapeutic goods administration FDA certification, Organic product certification. Shermark is well positioned to meet the high demands of the customers worldwide because of the rigorous quality control and world-class infrastructural facility. Qualified team of experts Due care in selection of raw materials from its traditional origin. Modern Hi-Tech infrastructural facility State-of-art machineries from world’s technology leaders,to achieve best quality products manufactured under hygienic environment. All different processes are constantly monitored, verified and controlled, right from inception of raw materials to final packaging. E Purchase process F.AQ Q1: Are your roasted black sesame organic? A1: Roasted black sesame seed is 100% Organic and Premium Quality. Q2: How to start orders or make payments? A2: Proforma invoice will be sent after confirmation of order. Payment by T/T . Q3: Could I get some samples? A3: We are pleased to offer you free samples. Q4:What’s your MOQ? A4:Our MOQ is 100 boxes. Q5: How about delivery leadtime? A5:About 10-15 days after receiving the deposit. Welcome international trade partners to visit our factory!

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