Sesame Paste Dipping Sauce Seasoning

Product information Black sesame paste can be said to be a very good health food. There are many ways to eat it. For example, a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of black sesame paste can be mixed and eaten every morning and evening on an empty stomach. It can also be spread on bread or steamed bread. In addition to eating, black sesame paste can also be used for mixing and drinking. When you drink milk or soybean milk in breakfast, add one Spoon black sesame paste in it, not only increased the flavor, but also increased the nutrition needed by the human body. Cold-pressed sesame oil Product parameters Product name:Shermark black sesame paste Material: 100% black sesame seed Product Category:Baking food Edible method:Open the lid,eat it directly without cooking Production date: See the label on the bottle Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Shelf life: 18 months Nutrient name Per 100g Content Energy 2639KJ 31% Protein 22.7g 38% Fat 54.0g 90% Carbohydrate 15.0g 5% Sodium 10mg 0% Product details and Application Organic Black Sesame Oil extra-virgin roasted sesame oil. Black sesame mouseline cake roll Egg yolk paste (step 2), 4 yolks, 20g of fine sugar, 30g of vegetable oil, 45g of low gluten flour, 15g of cooked black sesame seeds, 4 protein paste (step 3), 60g of fine sugar, sandwich filling - black sesame mouseline (step 1), 100g of salt free cream, 2 yolks, 50g of fine sugar, 20g of low gluten flour, 200g of fresh milk, half root of vanilla, 1t of vanilla extract, 45g of black sesame powder practice 1. Place the cream at room temperature and soften it (if you want to make it right away, microwave it at medium temperature for 10 seconds) 2. Mix the egg yolk with sugar, and then add the fresh milk 3. Split the vanilla clip in half, scrape out the vanilla cubes, and put the vanilla clip and the vanilla cubes into the pot (the pot with fresh milk) 4. Heat up with a small fire, and mix with a stirring rod while boiling until the egg paste has obvious lines and reaches the boiling and bubbling state, then turn off the fire 5. Put the egg paste and the pot into another large pot with ice water, and then mix it with a wooden spoon or scraper to cool it 6. Use the blender to mix the salt free cream into the cream paste, and then add the fresh egg paste into the blender for three times. Finally, add the black sesame paste and mix well, and then refrigerate the finished black sesame paste 7. Mix the yolk and sugar in step 2, and then add vegetable oil, sifted low gluten flour and sesame seeds in order, and mix them evenly for standby 8. Add the protein into the granulated sugar and whisk it until the container is buckled upside down, and then add the egg yolk paste. Use a scraper to stir it from the edge and from the bottom to the top quickly and evenly (pay attention not to use too much force to avoid defoaming) 9. Put the batter into the baking tray, and put it into the oven preheated to 170 ℃ (people with up and down heat can adjust the temperature to 190 ℃ and 160 ℃) and bake for 12 minutes 10. After the cake body cools down, take out the frozen inner stuffing and beat it with a blender. Then evenly smear it on the cake body and roll it up. The finished cake can be enjoyed after being refrigerated for 2 hours Bulk-Source-of-Unrefined-Organic-sesame-oil- raw-sesame-seed-oil Advantage Unrefined Sesame Oil F.A.Q 1 . What is your minimum order quantity ( MOQ )? MOQ is 1000 kg. 2 . Are you trading company or manufacturer ? We are manufacturer . We can send the sample if you need to check how product is . Then you can make orders as your requirement. 3 . How about your delivery time ? Usually 10 to 15 days after order confirmed . But the exact delivery time will depend on your order quantity. 4 . What's you payment way ? We accept T / T 5 . Can you do OEM ? We provide our own brand products . If you have your own brand , we accept OEM Welcome to visit us!

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