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Commodity introduction The roasted sesame seeds are carefully selected by machine and hand for many times to remove the damaged seeds, shriveled grains and foreign matters, so as to provide customers with satisfactory products. Source of direct procurement, full particles, pure color, with love to provide conscience products.The roasted black sesame is even and dry without bad rice and impurities. Carefully selected, even particles, healthy taste, natural rice flavor. Original planting, light taste. The surface is black and grows naturally with natural color. Cut off a sesame with your fingernail and observe whether the section is white. If it is white, it is a pure natural black sesame. sesame seeds Commodity label Product name:Shermark cooked black sesame Material: 100% black sesame seed Product Category:Baking food Production date: See the label on the bottle Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Shelf life: 18 months Nutrient name Per 100g Content Energy 2720KJ 32% Protein 18.9g 32% Fat 56g 93% Carbohydrate 19.2g 6% Sodium 7mg 0% Product pictures and Applications hulled sesame seeds bulk natural sesame seeds bulk Corn black sesame cake Black sesame is rich in nutrition, can improve iron deficiency anemia, replenish blood and Qi, moisturize the skin, and has the effect of beauty and beauty. If the hair is yellow or white, it can be relieved by black sesame. Black sesame is good for the kidney, but also can enhance the resistance. For people who lose weight, black sesame can play the role of slimming. Black sesame can effectively promote the synthesis of melanin in the hair and restore black color to the white hair. At the same time, black sesame has the effect of Tonifying the kidney, alleviating the problem of hair loss caused by kidney deficiency, reducing the symptoms of hair loss and enhancing the resistance. Black sesame can play a good role in reducing weight for people who lose weight. Among all the calcium supplement foods, black sesame has the highest calcium content, as high as 0.8g/100g, far higher than milk and eggs. Therefore, eating black sesame has a good calcium supplement effect, which can promote bone development and prevent osteoporosis and other problems. No matter young people or middle-aged and old people who are growing up, eating more black sesame is very good for bone health. 1. Both glutinous rice flour and corn flour are ready. Corn flour is the light yellow coarse flour of the supermarket's grains cabinet, not corn starch. 2. Separate corn flour and glutinous rice flour and put them into the basin. 3. Pour in 150ml to scald the corn flour, add 10g sugar, 3G yeast powder, then pour in 130g warm water on the glutinous rice flour, and mix with chopsticks to form a uniform floc. 4. Knead into medium soft and hard dough, seal and refrigerate for fermentation for one night. (if it's hot, put it in the refrigerator for fermentation) 5. Take out the fermented dough, fold it and exhaust it, then knead the long strip by hand, and divide it into the same size of dosage. Don't rub too much. 6. After the dough is slightly pinched and compacted, put it in the palm of the hand and rub it round, and cover with the fresh-keeping film to prevent the surface from drying. 7. Take a small dosage, put it in the palm of the hand and press the edge slightly. Add a little sugar and some water into the black sesame stuffing, and then dilute it slightly. Scoop up a spoon of black sesame stuffing with a spoon, put it in the middle of the pasta, slowly wrap it tightly, and wrap it tightly as much as possible to prevent the sesame stuffing from flowing out. 8. Close mouth downward, slightly press flat and sprinkle sesame seeds for decoration, press firmly 9. Brush the oil in the electric cake pan, heat it on a low heat, and then put the cake embryo into the pot. 10. Close the lid, turn to high heat, fry both sides until they turn yellow slightly, then the pot will be out. With some fruit, congee and eggs, it's a very nutritious breakfast. Sesame Seed Butter smooth Organic Sesame Tahini Advantage Organic Sesame Tahini F.A.Q Q: What is you MOQ(minimum order quantity) of the roasted white seed? A: We can accept order 1000kgc at least. Q: Can offer the sample? A: Yes,the sample is for free and freight will be charged. Q: Are you a factory supplier? A: We have our own factory over 20 years. You are welcomed to visit our factory any time. Q:Do you test your products? A:Yes, we test for all incoming raw materials before production . Testing before any processing takes place helps us to deliver you the highest quality ingredients at the lowest possible prices. Welcome to visit us!

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