BBQ & Grill Cover

Custom BBQ & Grill Cover Wholesale

BBQ & Grill Cover material is a synthetic fiber product made of spinning polyester obtained by polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and diol, which belongs to the product of high molecular compound.

Characteristics of the Structure of the Grill Cover

lLining – The grille cover lining is probably the most important feature needed to be aware of. It is this lining that makes the cover layer ideal for weather resistance, such as weather resistance and tear resistance. High-quality lining helps prevent damage caused by external forces and extends the life of the grill. The materials sought include PVC, polyester and nylon.

lStraps-It is proved that using a grill with straps is a very useful feature. Their main purpose is to hold the lid in place under windy conditions. This is achieved by fitting the product around the grill as much as possible. This function provides good wind protection.

lVentilation holes-A grill cover with ventilation holes will help eliminate the accumulation of moisture and condensate in the grill. There is usually a pair of ventilation holes to allow air to circulate and keep all enclosed contents fresh. The ventilation holes can also prevent the grill from expanding by allowing trapped air to pass through the escape route.

Advantages of BBQ & Grill Cover

lGood performance on wrinkle resistance and shape retention

lHas high strength and elastic recovery ability.

lIt is firm and durable, anti-wrinkle and non-scalding, does not stick hair.

lIt can effectively prevent wind, dust and sun.

Maintenance of BBQ & Grill Cover

If the grille cover can be cleaned regularly, it can be rinsed with soapy water and a hose. If there is a long interval between cleanings, it is recommended to scrub thoroughly. Enter all corners and areas where stitches are concentrated. It is also recommended that you use a mildew spray regularly every 3-4 months. This will prevent any subsequent damage caused by the fungus.

BBQ & Grill Cover Parameters

Material: Black polyester (PU coated).

Structure: grille cover structure.

Foldover: Foldover circle the bottom, 3 cm high.

Handle: There are 1pc double-layer black polyester handles on the left and right sides.

Hook and loop fasteners: There are 1pc black hook and loop fasteners on the left and right sides.

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