Y008-A Windsor Chair

Foshan ESUN Furniture Co ., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer for home furniture. The export-level teams of designers keep us easy to meet the constantly developing furniture trends and the needs of global customers. We have more than 11 years of experience in furniture materials such as solid wood, leather, rattan, fabric and plastic. Let us know your requirements now, and you'll enjoy our service immediately.

The material of ourWindsor chair:

American Ash wood features:This product is made of imported Ash wood from USA, which makes each piece of furniture display log texture. Ash wood is a special wood designated by the czar. Its color is elegant, its texture is dazzling and soft, and its sensibility is so extreme that it falls in love at first sight.
PU artificial leather features:1. High strength, thin and flexible, smooth and soft, breathable, waterproof.2. It has good tensile strength and anti-interference strength at low temperature, and has good resistance to light aging and hydrolysis.3. Its appearance and performance close to natural leather. It's easy to clean and easy to sew.4. PU artificial leather surface smooth, can be processed into various patterns, dyeing.5. The price is relatively low.6. It is mainly composed of high elastic fiber, with similar characteristics of leather.7. It has light weight, strong toughness and can be made of breathable products. And it’s waterproof.8. it’s not easy to expand and be out of shape after absorbing water. And it’s environmentally friendly.
Water-based paint:The company for furniture production, research and development of flame retardant negative ion environmental protection wood paint technology, with zero formaldehyde, high flame retardant advantages, can delay the fire more than 30 seconds.
Application:Restaurant, Hotel, Bar, Cafe, Waiting Room, Home
Dimension (cm):55W*52D*81H(Seat Height:44)
Timber options:(a) As our model (b)Customized as your request
company:Fosan ESUN Furniture Co.,Ltd
contact:+86 757 83075695
adress:Shibo Business Center, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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