Cryogenic plasma purifier

,Cryogenic plasma purifier,Coal Mill Powder Spraying Machine

Cryogenic plasma purifier

Coal Mill Powder Spraying Machine

Automatic control of desorption, heat balance, catalytic decomposition and purification, and recycling of waste heat utilization in the catalytic combustiondevice ensures the best effect of desorption and purification. The device is running at full negative pressure, safe and reliable in operation. The catalytic decomposition purifies the exothermic air through heat transfer of heat exchanger to reduce the operation cost and achieve safe desorption. The flow regulating valve can control the flow rate of circulating air according to the catalytic decomposition, purification and exothermic temperature, which is helpful for the catalytic decomposition and purification of temperature thermal balance and energy saving effect.


The key to catalytic combustionreaction is to choose the appropriate catalyst.The requirements for the catalyst are: high activity, especially at low temperature, to start the reaction at the lowest possible temperature.Combustion reaction is exothermic reaction, release a large amount of heat can make the surface of the catalyst reach 500 ~ 1000 ℃ high temperature, easy to reduce due to melting and catalyst activity, so it requires high temperature catalyst ability.

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