butt fusion welder for the installation and welding of thermoplastic piping systems made of HDPE (PE 100-RC), PP, PVDF
butt fusion machine joining of plastic pipes and fittings such as Polyethylene HDPE SWT-V1200/630H
polyethylene pipe butt fusion machine for WASTEWATER TREATMENT SWT-V1200/630H
Thermofusion Machinery Equipment SWT-V1200/630H
Product Description
SWT-V1200H is hydraulic butt fusion welder. It is used to butt weld pipe and fittings such as elbow, tees, wye and flange necks without any additional equipment by simply adjusting the clamps` drag bar.
It is suitable for welding plastic pipe and fittings made of HDPE, PP, PVDF.

Removable PTFE coated heating plate with separate temperature control system.
Electrical planning tool;
Be made of lightweight and high strength material; simple structure, small and delicate user friendly;
Low starting pressure ensures reliable welding quality of small pipes;
Separate two-channel timer shows time in soaking and cooling phases;
High-accurate and shockproof pressure meter in indicates clear readings.
SWT-V1200H includes:
*A machine body with 4 clamps and 2 hydraulic cylinders with fast couplings;
*A Teflon coated heating plate with separate temperature control system;
*Self detaching device: helps removing the heating plate after soaking process;
*A electrical milling cutter;
*Hydraulic hoses with quick couplings;
*Support for milling cutter and heating plate.
Available options:
Data logger
Support roller
Stub end holder
Electric Crane
Machine body trolley
Different inserts (single insert, ISO inserts)
Welding Range
Reducing Inserts
Ranges of application
Working voltage
Total power
28.5 kW
planning tool
4 kW
heating plate
21.5 kW
hydraulic unit motor
3 KW
Environment temperature
-10° ~ 45°
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Operation Video
Application of welding of polyethylene piping by thermofusion :
Hydraulic butt fusion welding machine Suitable for welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE,PP, and PVDF.
Automatic butt welding machine can be operated in any complex work condition.
Thermofusion welding machine welds HDPE, PP pipes and fittings for the transportation of gas, water and other fluids.
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Machine Quality Guarantee: 24 months.--If any parts broken or does not work under normal operating, we provide them for free:
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