Flygt Mechanical Seals

Flygt mechanical seals are usually used in the Swedish ITT Flygt mixer and submersible sewage pumps. They are one of the essentialFlygt pumppartsformechanical seal Flygt pump. The structure is divided into old structure, new structure(Griploc seal) and cartridge mechanical seal (plug in types).

Xylem ITT Flygt is a world-renowned submersible pump brand. The products are widely used in world's major sewage treatment industry. Xylem designed and manufactured its own originalmechanical seals for flygt pumps. However, originalFlygt pump sealsare extremely expensive, near to buy a brand low-power pump. To meet demands of world’s end users, Sealcon supplyFlygt replacement sealsin strict accordance with the original size of the mold parts, using the material in accordance with original materials. All of our Flygt replacement mechanical seals have more than a year long service life. Now the seals are widely used in many sewage treatment industries, completely replace original products.

Sealcon'sFlygt seals seriesis complete, all series are available from stock and enjoy 3-5 days fast delivery, the price is one-third of the original. Please inform us of the pump model you use, then we will quote you correct seals within 24 hrs.

Features ofFlygt Mechanical Seals

Flygt pump seals usually have two seals: Upper seal and Lower seal. These should not be seen as a primary and a secondary seal, but rather two independent seals with slightly different functions.

The lower seal is exposed to a harsh environment and must be able to cope with fibrous clogging matter, hard abrasive particles, chemically aggressive media, high pressure, impacts, etc. Therefore lower seals have in general a sturdy design that can withstand a lot of abuse. Hard seal face- tungsten carbide is the only option for the lower seal. The upper seal operates in a controlled environment that is less taxing. Since there are no abrasive particles in the buffer fluid, carbon, ceramic and silicone carbide faces can also be used as cheaper options instead of hard faces. Due to that, Flygt mechanical face seals have low leakage rates.

In addition, the seals are designed to accommodate short shaft overhang. Torque locks and drivers are independent of the shaft rotation and pump pressure acts as a closing force on the seal.

Flygt seals are also versatile. The ultimate goal is that one and the same seal should be able to cope with all applications. Therefore, the lower seal always has hard faces and rubber parts that tolerate high temperatures, even if the pump is used for pumping plain drinking water. With just one standard seal, compatible with most pump or mixer media, the choice of seal is simple.

Advantages ofFlygt Mechanical Seals

  • Low leakage rates
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation

Applications ofFlygt Mechanical Seals

  • Flygt pump replacement seals can be used on mixers and asF
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Oil
  • Low corrosive liquid

New design- Griploc seals

The robust design of Griploc seals provides consistent performance and long, trouble-free operation. The seal faces’ ability to maintain their flatness results in outstanding leakage prevention and the patented Griploc design securely locks the seal to the shaft.
The Griploc seal is used for both upper and lower sealing. Mounted in the upper position it prevents liquid from entering the motor housing and as the lower seal it prevents leakage of the pumped media into the buffer chamber.

Cartridge type- Plug-in Seals

Flygt Plug-in Seals feature two independent mechanical seals mounted in a single ready-to-install unit. Simply place the Plug-in Seal into position, no special service tools are required. Intelligent design protects sensitive sealing surfaces and springs from impurities, which contributes to enhanced sealing reliability, less downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

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