Like other hollow sections, steel channel is rolled from steel sheet into C or U shapes. It consists of a wide "web" and two "flanges". The flanges could be parallel or tapered. C/U channels are widely used in many applications, such as tracks & sliders for machines, doorways, etc..

posts and supports for building corners, walls & railings, protective edges for walls.There are three main types of surface treatments to encode based on conditions. Black or non-treated is not often used, and the steel is easily rusted without any protective layer. Hot dip galvanizing and primer are common treatments. The zinc coating resists environmental and weather corrosion, while the primer is better. You can choose any type based on your application.

BOSJ has more than 15 years of experience in the production of rolling equipment. The channel forming machineis known for its rugged design. The channel forming machine is capable of rolling steel sheets up to 6 mm. Can be widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises civil buildings, such as factories, warehouses, locomotive sheds, hangars, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums and so on.

Decorative elements for constructions like ceiling channel system.

Frames or framing material for construction, machines.

Components of C/U Channel Roll Forming Machine:

This channel roll forming machinery consists of de-coiler, feeding and straightening device, roll forming machine and cutting device.

The C / U channel roll forming machine is equipped with a reasonable straightening device to ensure that the finished channel is free of distortion or lateral bending.

High quality & reasonable Price, can use repeatedly, wide usage range, flexible for installation.

The shovel head device of the channel forming machine will assist in feeding the coil piece to the straightening device. For safety reasons, the entire process is operated by an electronic controller rather than manually. In order to improve the working performance of the C / U channel roll forming machine, we designed a non-stop shearing device for the channel forming machine. We can design punching dies according to customer requirements.

BOSJestablished in 2004, As a leading metal roll forming machine suppliersin China, BOSJ has won a worldwide reputation in this field. Our roll forming machine chinahave broad markets in Southeast Asia, India, North and South America, Western Asia, Russia, and Australia.

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