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Shark Extract retains the biological activity of active substaces,such as testosterone.These substances directly enter into the corpus cavernosum content of testosterone in human blood rapidly,so as to make the erection of membrum thick,hard and vigorous.Simultaneously,they make the dormant testosterone come to revival,the cells grow again through the activation of growth factor.Improving growth and development of the membrum tissue,reinforcing growth action further,and promoting the length,thickness and bigness make the membrum develop again.

[Efficacy of Shark Extract]:(1)Member thickness,genital organ hypoplasia,membrum atrophy,prospermia and hyposexuality induced by constitutional weakness and renal deficiency of the middle age and senility.
(2)persons discontented with his membrum,and the persons whose membrum need to grow.
(3)Persons who pursue quality of life,exhibit the full of himself and prolong the time for sexual intercourse.
(4)To improve the tiredness,dizziness and tinnitus.

[Main Compositions of Shark Extract]:more than 10 rare animal and plant extracts from caulis cynomorium,ginseng,turtle shell,sea horse,deer penis,yak testis,wolfberry fruit,pilose deer horn,herba cistanches,etc.

usage and dosage:1 capsule when need.Taken with warm and boiled water.(take 1 capsule 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse will show surprise efficacy.)

Applicable persons:membrum shortness,thickness,prosperimia,spermatorrhea,poor vitality of spermatozoa,disturbance of sexual function,hyposexuality,aching pain of the waist and knees,myasthenia of the limbs,dizziness and tinnitus,weak constitution and night sweat,frequent urination at night,prostatitis and etc.

Precautions:(1) Don't be anxious for success and take Shark Extract in excess.
(2)Persons with heart disease and hypertension may take Shark Extract.It cann't be taken with any western medicine.
(3)If erected many times or for a long time without ejaculation,can drink cooled water.
(4)Don't take this medicine repeatedly in 24 hours.
(5)After drinking,Shark Extract doesn't affect the efficacy.
(6)Shelf life is 3 years.
Specification:3800mg*10 tablets/box



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