Thyme herbs

Thyme herb belongs to the family of Lamiaceae, of the genus of Thymus. Thyme has numerous types with different health benefits and uses ranging from medicine to culinary arts. It is a perennial shrub with a thin woody base and square stems. It reaches about 15 to 30 cm in lengt, featuring small , light-green with paler underneath, slightly curved aromatic leaves.
Small,fragrant ,lilac or white color flowers appear in summer. The other widely used types of Thyme are : Lemon Thyme , caraway thyme , and wild thyme.
We can summarize thyme’s herbs health benefits to the following :
Thyme has antiseptic and antifungal characteristics.
Thyme has Iron , potassium, calcium ,manganese ,magnesium and selenium.
Thyme is a rich source of important vitamins such as B-complex vitamins , vitamine A , vitamine K , vitamine 3, vitamine C and folic acid.
Thyme boosts the immunity system
Thyme fights cholesterol and some neurological diseases.
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