Mingtai MT2100 comfortable model electric motor operation table






Lowest and highest tableheight

(750-1000) ± 50mm

Lowest table height(optional)


Longitudinal motion


Table lifting height(optional)


Forward/Backward tilt


Left/right tilt:


Head board up/down


Waist bridgeelevator


Leg board down


Leg board evagination


Back board

Up: ≥80°, down: ≥40°


AC 220V 50Hz

Input power


Unique advantage

Multi-function 8 electro-motor surgical table

Imported LINAK linear motor from Denmark

Table body is SUS 304 stainless steel from Korea

Superior wide of operating table: 555mm

Double control system, built back up battery

Electric braking and electric kidney bridge

Taiwan high precision linear translation guide

Double motors rise back board, “T” shape base

Overall memory sponge + SBR material mattress

Head board HS system

Main feature:

Longitudinal motion function: imported slideway system makes it easier, the max longitudinal scope is 400±50mm, and it also can guarantee enough space under the table bed for C-arm’s X-ray transillumination and other special surgery

Material is easy to clean: table bed material is stainless steel, with high anti-pollution after matte process. Fastcolours and constant form after long time using. Smoothstreamlinebase design is anti-dust, meeting the requirement of cleanliness inlaminarflowoperatingroom

Safety and steady: oversized high quality truckle can make sure operation table’s excellent steady and movement; brake pedal in front of the base can guarantee operation table stable fixed.

Square lifting column is made by Germany, which has 4 times safety factor and 8 fasteners which can make it stable

Updated: reserved quick connect slideway, different accessories can be configured according to different surgery. Optional Orthopedics Tractor and Skull Operating Rack can be configured to meet orthopedics and brain surgery

HS system: it is convenient for doctor adjust surgery position and offer a comfortable, natural sleeping position for patients.

Double control system: hand wired remote control and control panel on the table board, easy for doctor operating it, and can accomplish the prospective position by continuous pressing button.

Safety lock function can avoid the misoperation

Transillumination: head board, back board, hip board, kidney elevator are made of Bakelite material, high Transillumination for X-ray, meeting the need of taking X-ray photo during operation. X-ray cassette can be loaded through X-ray cassette slideway.

Leg board can be dismantled easily; gas spring assistance system makes it easily for adjusting operate position and moving flexible and stable.

Comfortable: one-step molding polyurethane foam mattress, smooth, moistureproof, sealing up, antistatic, corrosion resisting, soft, comfortable,elasticity, can eliminate patients’ press point.

Continuous operation: all set imported system and electric control system can guarantee the operation table’s steady during operation, low noise and blemish reduced the operation risk. Built-in high quality battery can works one month after one time charging

Different operation position: Six section design for table board, easy for operate, stable working, can meet different operation position requirement perfectly.

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