OEM ODM Anesthesia Ventilator, ICU Ventilator, Anesthesia Vaporizer Price


Suitable for a range of anesthesia at adult&pediatric

Integrated absorber design with good cable management solution,convenient to discharge and install timely..

High precious anesthesia vaporizer with temperature,flow and pressure compensation

Top-light system design provide more good vision

Built-in backup battery provide the emergency power supply to the unit.

Space saving compact design

Alloy frame, humanized handle, easily and conveniently move the machine to any place.

Adopting stainless pressure gauge, both gas supply and working pressure could be monitored. The pressure range is 0-1MPa, reading scale is 0.05

With special protection device for Power Socket and Standby Power Socket, so as to avoid any accidents;

Audible O2.failure warning device

Four Anti-static castors(2 with brakes)

2 large drawers with big storage space(spport three drawer optional)

Electro-pneumatic ventilator

Common gas outlet(CGO)

Technical Specifications

Working Mode:Closed,Semi-closed,,semi-open system,Open

Ventilation mode:IPPV,Manuel

Driven mode: Pneumatically driven manual controlled

Application:Adult and pediatric

Bellow:Adult& pediatric bellow

Display:LED digital display

Monitoring:Tidal volume,breathing rate,I:E ratio,Peak airway pressure,

TV:50~1600ml Breathing rate:4~60bpm

I:E ration:1:1~1:4 adjustable

Upper airway pressure:2~6kpa

Lower airway pressure:0.6~2kpa

Battery low alarm Battery no power indicator Alarm Silence

Manuel/Auto Switch

Anesthesia gas source switch:start or stop the gas source control

Pressure Gas Gauge:four press gauge;one is oxygen source pressure

one is oxygen working

one is N2O ource pressure

one is N2O working

Alarm parameter:Upper tidal volume alarm,low oxygen alarm,Apnea,Power failure

High precious anesthesia vaporizer,the agent output is continuous and stable, and precise. the agent type: Isoflurane, Enflurane,halothane,sevoflurane.

Oxygen flush:25L/min~75L/min

Airway pressure: O2:0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa


Power:220V±10%,50HZ±1% or 110V±10%,60HZ±1%


O2&N2O flowmeter

Two tube:O2:0~10L/min,N2O:0~10L/min

with hypoxic guard system ,

Make sure the oxygen concentration not lower than 25%

O2& Air Flowmeter Optioanl

O2&N2O& Air Flowmetr Optional

Circle absorber:

Integrated and sterilized at 134°C high temperature and high pressure.

Visiable inspiration valve and expiration valve

Safety valve pressure limit:6Kpa

Quick change soda lime system

Good air tightness,high reliability and minor respiratory impedance

Manual/ventilation switch

Vaporizer:Dvapo200plus, Selectatec bar mounting type

Dolphinmed is a china supplier of medical anesthesia. We have a high-tech anesthesia gas machine work shop. We have a complete quality management system. Choose our anesthesia workstation, you can be get most careful and thoughtful service!

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