ICU Ventilator (MODEL: DOL600Pro)

Wholesale Mechanical Ventilator Machine, Intensive Care Ventilator, Air compressor ICU Ventilator Exporter

Minimum quantity: 1 set

Transaction mode: T/T, L/C, western union, money gram, cash

Supply capacity: 200 sets per months, 2400 sets per year

Delivery deadline: With 10 working day days after order confirmation.

Regular packaging: Export standard Carton induce EPE Foam, or fumigation-free wooden box or do as customer requirement.


Dolphimed delivery intensive care unit ventilator that makes a excellent weaning performance in Intensive Care Units-ICU

(SICU, MICU, EICU, AICU, RICU, CCU, NICU, BICU), operation room, anesthesiology department and other departments. From high to low acuity, simple to complex cases, Infant to geriatric patients, Dolphinmed Medical Ventilation System offers you wide choices that you need in ventilation, monitoring and technique.


More convenient operating and display systems for clinical operation, suitable for a wide range of ventilation at adult, pediatric and infant

With Non-invasive and invasive ventilation function

With sensitive pressure and flow double trigger function.

Integrated expiration module could be sterilized whole, ensure use safely and no cross-infection.

Comprehensive Safety&Alarm system, make sure the operation accuracy and stability

Easy to use interface design, 12.1 color touch-screen TFT display and shuttle knob design, quick and efficient operation

Integrated expiration module build-in heating system could be sterilized whole, ensure use safely and no cross-infection; no-water design, guarantee the precious detection.

Simultaneously display of Three Waveforms&Two Loops, ETCO2 &SPO2(optional)

Build-in inspiratory and expiratory flow sensor, durable and water coagulation resistant.

Maintenance-free imported flow sensor with heating and filtration technology

Automatically inspiratory synchronous nebulizing function, nebulizing time adjustable; with tidal volume compensation(1-30 min)

Pressure, volume, time respiratory mode security, could inspect pressure in inspiratory phase, volume, time exceed the regulated value, turn into expiratory, ensure patient safety.

Adjust SmartVent function automatically, adjust inspiratory pressure and breathing frequency, approaching the target tidal volume and minute ventilator.

Low noise medical air compressor, very stable performance, safe and reliable.

Powerful ventilation mode meet all complex clinical requirement

Three-level visual and audible alarm information system

The core components are imported from top international and original, and the industrial control chip is chosen

High precious sensor and valve technology make sure the pressure, flow and volume monitor and control at high safety, stability and precision

Built-in backup battery provide the emergency power supply to the unit.

VGA connector could output the screen signals to other screens High quality trolley with concise structure and good appearance, easy to assemble and detach.

Lung mechanics parameter

Up to 15000 alarm event review

72-hours numerical&graphical trend review

72-hours breath to breath waveform trend review

With Inspiration hold&Expiration hold, Manuel Breath and 100% O2 Flushing

Lowest in class bias flow 2.0lpm, low O2 consumption

Automatic tube&leakage compensation technology

Upgradable to main stream Capnography(EtCO2)&Pulse Oximetry(SPO2)Dolphinmed is one professonal producer of ICU ventilator, anesthesia machine, medical air compressor, anesthesia vaporizer, anesthesia ventialtor, veterinary anesthesia machine, etc. Dolphinmed are committed to provide the more perfect products and service for clients, to be the most valued medical equipment enterprise.

Ventilation mode for adult,pediatric&infant

VCV, VC-SIMV, PCV, PC-SIMV, PSV/CPAP with auto Apnea backup

APRV, PRVC, SIMV-PRVC, Duovent, SmartVent(optional)


nSIMV (Optional)


ETS option under pressure mode

Powerful feature of ventilation mode

SmartVent(Automatic Ventilation Mode)

Ø Intelligent mode of ventilation-Easy to Use&Lung protective

Ø Automatically set Parameters according to Body Weight

Ø Ensure the guaranteed minute ventilation breath by breath at lowest inspiration pressure and helps patient for spontaneously activity from start of ventilation

Ø Auto Synchronous the flow on patient demand, improve Patient outcome and avoid ventilator fighting on Spontaneous

Ø Results shorter ventilation times

Advanced Dual Modes Make Dvent More comfortable to patient Wean Case to Case

PRVC(Pressure Regulated Volume Control)

Ø Deliver Preset Tidal Volume at Same Rate with the lowest Possible Pressure

DuoVent/APRV mode(Resistance Free Ventilation)

Ø Provide lung protective ventilation, Use an "open lung" approach including alveolar recruitment,improved oxygenation

NIV S/T(Non-Invasive with Synchrony Feature)

Ø More Unique Benefits, High Performance Non Invasive Ventilation. Also Set Trigger, Rate with additional Parameters

VG (Volume Gurantee) under PCV

Potential advantaged of Volume Guarantee Ventilation are:

Ø Less risk for barotraumas because the tidal volume delivered is limited

Ø Reduced peak pressure especially when the patient makes a significant contribution from spontaneous effort

Technical Specifications

Patient Type: Adult, Pediatric, infant(optional)

Tidal volume: Adult 150-2000ml; Pediatric 20-350ml; Infant: 2-100ml

Frequency: Adult:1-100 bpm;Pediatric1-150 bpm;Infant:1-200bpm

Inspiration time: Adult&pediatric 0.1-12s, infant: 0.1-3s

Monitoring parameter: Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, PEEP, Vti, Vte, MVe, MV_con, MV_spont, F_Ppeak_inspF-Peak_Exp, Leak%, Freq, F_cont, F_spont, %F_Spont, I:E, I:E, Ti, Te, Ti/T total, FiO2, (SPO2, EtCO2-Optional), Cstat, Cdyn, Rins, Rexp, RSBI, WOB, Auto PEEP, MIP, PO.1

Alarm: Audio and visual alarms

Volumes: VTe high/low. Mv MV high/low, TIdal volume not reached, HIgh leak,

Pressure: Peak Pressure high/low, Pressure limitation. O2 supply high/low/fail, Air supply pressure high/low/fail, Apnea, Apnea Backup, Freq high/low, FiO2 High/low, Circle Block, Circuit disconnection

Power: AC power fail, Low battery, Battery too low

FIO2: 21%-100%(0-5 minutes)

Flow Trigger: 0-20L/min

Pressure Trigger: -20-0 cmH2O

Pressure Control: 5-120 cmH2O

Pressure Support: 5-120 cmH2O

I:E ratio: 1:9.9-9.9:1

Electronic PEEP: 0-50 cmH2O

Nebulizer: 0-30 minutes(optional)

100% O2: 0-5 minutes

Waveforms: P-T, F-T, V-T, ETCO2 &SPO2(Optional)

Loops: P-V, P-V, P-F(optional)

Recall/Reviews: 1500 alarm events,

72 hours Trend Numerical&Graphical (optional)

72 hours Breath to Breath Waveform Review(Optional)

General info:

Communication Interface: VGA,USB,RJ45

Screen: 12.1 inch color TFT with Touch Screen

Net weight: 12kg

Battery: 120 minutes

Air/Oxygen Gas supply: 2.4 to 6.0 bar, Air compressor(Optional)

Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.1A(Max)

Medical Air Compressor DC100A plus(Optional)

Low noise medical air Compressor, very stable performance, oil-free, low-noise, safe and reliable.


· Auto working to supply gas in case of hospital central gas system failure

· With LCD screen to display output pressure and working time

· Output pressure knob design

· Auto start function while central gas fail

· Compact design and easy to transfer

· Assembled with clean control module, supplying cleaner and safer air to the patients

· Effective sound-absorbing materials, reducing noise lower than 51db

Match with various brand ventilator or anesthesia machine brand to supply gas




Output gas flow


Output gas pressure

  1. ~0.4Mpa


Output gas filter accuracy

Air compressor pump


Efficient rate for particle filtration


Dew point of output gas:


Dried output gas



Power supply


Working Environment

Temperature 0~40°CHumidity<90RH

Net weight


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