Oxygen Inhaler

Pigeon Medical oxygen(O2) inhaler machine is a kind of device which is generally used in hospital patient rescue, hypoxia disease treatment and family healthcare for increasing the level of oxygen in the body's tissue. For application, it can be directly connected with hospital central oxygen supply or oxygen cylinder, adding an external regulator is optional to reduce and stabilize the pressure for the patient during the oxygen inhaling.

To avoid patients from breathing in cold and dry air directly, humidification bottle can be installed on the bottom of the flow meter for the medical gas to absorb water moisture. The flow meter is an integration of cast molding, and the components are processed precisely by a numerically-controlled machine tool.

Pigeon Medical is an oxygen inhaler productsmanufacturer in China, various types available here, even the portable oxygen inhaler, contact us to get the oxygen inhaler machine price.

Types of Oxygen Inhaler

GZ-XRQ-1 Oxygen Inhaler (Oxygen Flowmeter With Humidifier 45-85ml)

We are proud to introduce Pigeon Medical oxygen inhaler, which equipped 1-15LPM flow meter for prediatric and neonatal respiratory care with high-quality copper and alumimum material components adopted.

GZ-XRQ-1 Oxygen Inhaler (Oxygen Flowmeter With Humidifier 45-85ml)

Oxygen Inhaler Parts & Accessories

To ensure our Pigeon Medical oxygen inhaler can be capable with any customer in any country, we provide a variety of choices for coupling.

Oxygen Inhaler Parts & Accessories

Pigeon Medical is aprofessional respiratory protective equipment suppliers. We provide air oxygen blender, infant CPAP, Infant Resuscitator, medical device for breathingand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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