Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reload

①.Don't use in aorta.

②.Don't use in blood-starved or necrotic tissue .

③.Don't re-use.

Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reload Features & Benefits

①.Reinforced and one-piece I-beam design

②.The staple height reaches up to 5.0mm for green reload

Ensure suturing extra-thick tissue to effectively prevent the staples opening by extra-thick tissue.

③.Different staple heights from inner to outer rows

Adapt to different tissue thickness. Excellent hemostatic effect to provide optimal blood supply.

④.Extra-thin reinforced And one-piece anvil

Endoscopic linear cutter reloadsensure stable performance during firing, optimal staple formation to be easier passing the Narrow tissue gap with the extra-thinanvi.

⑤.Enhanced compression space control system

·Control consistently the parallel clamping force.

·Reduce tissue damage in second time closure.

·Control effectively the space between reload and anvil Ensure optimal B-sharp.

Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reload Indication

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