Medical Caps Material

The medical caps are mostly made of non-woven fabrics, without adding harmful materials when producing. Non woven fabric itself has good air permeability, so non woven medical caps are also air permeability, sterilized by ethylene oxide. The product is sterile and non-toxic, it can effectively prevent cross-infection, neatness, good shape, easy to take and wear, and no allergies, it looks beautiful and hygienic to wear, and effectively prevent hair falling off into the product. Good flexibility, rapid recovery, suitable for wearing for a long time, and the effect of dust suppression is obvious, it can block floating matter, dust, microorganisms and so on, only one-time use.

It is used in places with high environmental hygiene requirements to prevent hair, dandruff and other scattered. It is suitable for medical treatment, food processing, electronic industry, clean room, textile, medical care, and other industries. In the process of dust-free industrial production and operation, the human body is the largest source of dust in the clean room, and the head is one of the sources of dust. Non-woven medical caps can effectively reduce human dust pollution, and long term wear is not tight, no allergic reaction, wash-free, maintenance-free, convenient and practical, more safe and hygienic.

We are professionalnon woven cap manufacturerand we can providedisposable surgical caps for men.

Nonwoven medical caps have become the preferred disposable articles in medical, food, chemical, cosmetic, environmental and other industries. Conventional colors are white, light blue, light green. Thickness is generally 13g/sm to 50g/sm, non-woven medical caps have many advantages. For example, high tensile strength, good air permeability, easy mass production, simple processing, lower price, economical and practical, easy to wear, can effectively fix hair, prevent sliding. The medical non-woven caps can be made of PP spun bond non woven fabric, or ES non-woven fabric, SMS non woven fabric, different materials can be used in different industries. There are many kinds of materials, which can be chosen at will by different users. They can also be customized according to users' preferences, different colors, and different printing types.

Sensi factoryis a professional disposable cap manufacturer. We provide ES Non-Woven Fabric, Active Carbon Non woven Fabric, non woven cap, disposable medical capsand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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