Dining Room

As one of the best quality furniture manufacturers, Snimayis developing rapidaly in the wrold. We at Snimay would like to simplifies your life, save your time, save your money, save your cost.

Dining Room FAQs

Which Dining Chairs are Most Comfortable?

Comfort levels are highly subjective, however, there are a few fundamental dining interior designfeatures that you should look for when searching for the perfect chair. Comfortable dining chairs with built-in cushions provide plenty of comfort so guests will want to stay at your table well past dessert. If you prefer a sleeker look that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort, choose fully upholstered chairs for your dining area. These chairs often look like accent chairs that can be used for a living room but the upholstery adds a modern and eclectic feel to dining spaces. If you have a counter height table, ensure that your chairs are properly measured since disparities in heights are a sure-fire way to strain your neck and back while dining.

What Dining Tables are Best for My Small Apartment?

Small spaces were made for square and round dining room tables. These shapes are not only compact, they also maximize on seating. A square kitchen table is perfect for everyday dining, while a round table is ideal if your small area needs room for dining and entertaining guests – round tables can easily seat 6 people. If your apartment has a larger dining area, consider an elliptical small apartment dining table that adds mid-century flair and space-saving features.

Dining Space by Snimay Furniture

Dining room is the beating heart of a home; it’s where family and friends come together to eat and unwind. Whatever the occasion, a simple supper, a feast for foodies or Sunday lunch for a crowd, make every meal memorable with dining room cupboard designsfrom our extensive collection of dining room furniture and accessories, from tables, chairs and sideboard .

How to Protect and Clean the Table Top ?

As a general rule, use table mats to protect your dining table top from hot crockery and avoid keeping wooden furniture too close to heat sources. Wood and glass table tops can be wiped clean with a warm, damp cloth. Spillages should not be left to soak in, especially on veneer tops as the liquid can get underneath the veneer and cause damage. White high-gloss table tops should not be cleaned with an abrasive sponge or product.

About Dining Room

What color is best of dining room?

  1. Shades of Red

Red promotes liveliness and social interaction, as well as keeping the mood cheerful and upbeat. It is also believed to increase appetite, which is why Spanish restaurants are huge fans of deep red. You don't have to pick too bright a red, and maroons or wine red are great to create an elegant dining atmosphere.

  1. Subdued orange

Orange will help keep you alert as you dine, and is often associated with stability, warmth, comfort and coziness. It’s great for creating an atmosphere of hospitality and general comfort for everyone and helps in food digestion too. You can balance out the orange by adding beige or wooden highlights.

  1. Yellow

Yellow promotes happiness, and happy people tend to eat better and digest their food more efficiently too. Yellow makes a room feel more spacious, and is associated with sunny and cheerful days spent outdoor. Pair muted yellow walls with white highlights and fresh flowers for the ultimate outdoors brought indoors.

  1. Turquoise

It’s really important not to confuse turquoise with blue. Blue has been proven to decrease appetite and turn people away from food. Turquoise on the other hand, is a brilliant colour associated with freedom and rest. It’s often used on plates and dishes in restaurants, especially on dessert plates as it’s known as an appetite stimulant.

  1. Green

Green advocates freshness and people seem to always to attracted to this colour as it gives a sense of being close to nature. Green dining rooms also promote healthy eating. However, you should be careful what type of green you choose for your dining room as dirty green isn’t quite suitable. Instead, pick a fresh shade of green that makes the room look bigger and brighter.

How can I choose the ideal living room sofa?

  1. Comfort

When buying a sofa, it is recommended to sit on it and try it yourself. Look at the height of the sofa and also try the softness of the sofa. If the sofa is too soft, it will make people uncomfortable to sit for a long time. A sofa that is too hard makes muscles sore more easily.

  1. Frame

The frame is the foundation of the sofa, which determines the quality of the sofa. Of course, sofa frames of different materials will be different. It directly determines the quality and service life of the sofa. If possible, the frame of the sofa must be made of solid wood, because it can have a good load-bearing capacity.

When buying a sofa, we can hold the sofa with our hands and shake it back and forth. At the same time, we can sit on the sofa and shake it to see if the structure of the sofa feels loose. You can also unzip the bottom zipper under the sofa seat to view the sofa. Whether the frame material is log hardwood and whether it is planed, scarred, decayed, and moth-eaten.

  1. Color

When choosing a sofa, many people choose a color that is more resistant to dirt for the convenience of cleaning. In fact, this choice is wrong. Unless the color of the sofa matches the color of the living room, it will give people a sense of violation.

  1. Practicality

If your home is a small apartment, you must have a comprehensive consideration of the choice of sofa, you can choose a three-person + footrest, or choose a double-person or single-person. If it is a large apartment, you can choose the combination form, which makes the living room more atmospheric

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