Aerosol Can Cap

Aerosol can capsis a plastic lid that fits over the aerosol can. Generally speaking, aerosol cans are made of aluminum or iron materials. After filled with gas/liquid, a certain pressure will be generated inside the aerosol can, normally there is an aerosol valve locked in the neck of the can body to maintain the pressure inside the can for a long time.

Products Description

Most of the aerosol can lids and aerosol can bodies are snap-fitted (SNAP-ON). Aerosol can cap is usually made of PP material, and is directly attached to the spray valve on the can body. Because of the toughness of PP material, the advantages of the click/snap-on structure can be maximized. When the aerosol can cap is snaped on the can body, the clicks in the lid will undergo a temporary deformation when they are subjected to a certain pressure, expand beyond the edge of the aerosol valve cimped on the neck of the aerosol can, and then the clicks quickly recover, subsequently aerosol can cap is fixed on the can body.

This kind of efficient connection method is very suitable for use in mass produced, fast-installed containers (aerosol cans). At present, the aerosol can cap in the market is gradually evolving towards the direction of two-piece assembly. The bottom of the lid body is still made of PP to maintain the excellent cooperation with the can body, while the upper part of the lid body is made of ABS material. Because abs material has an excellent injection performance, and also is much more suitable for a variety of coating, galvanization process to achieve a better apperance.

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