LED Yard Lighting

Courtyard lamp is mainly composed of 5 major components,Website:, namely:light sourceLight source is an important part of all lighting products, according to different illumination requirements, can choose different brands, different types of light source and light source commonly used are: incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, ceramic metal halide lamp, and a new type of LED light source. Characteristics of each light source:1 incandescent lampVisible photoelectric radiation generated by the heat excitation of an incandescent light emitting finger. Incandescent lamps with incandescent light-emitting principle, make the current through the vacuum tungsten filament, the filament is heated to incandescence after emit visible light. Ordinary incandescent lamp color temperature is 2800K, compared with the natural color is yellow, warm. The advantages and disadvantages of the incandescent lamp: low cost, simple and convenient use and installation. The utility model is suitable for frequent opening, and the effect on the performance and the service life of the lamp is very low.The advantages and disadvantages of incandescent lamp:Short life, low luminous efficiency. The visible light emitted by the incandescent lamp is generally less than 10% of the electrical energy, and most of the energy is converted to infrared radiation, resulting in a large amount of heat. In addition, the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the incandescent lamp is relatively high, it will cause the fading of the irradiated items.2 fluorescent lamp, energy saving lampFluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp is a low pressure mercury vapor arc discharge lamp, usually long, at each end of an electrode. A low pressure mercury vapor and a small amount of inert gas are included in the lamp, and a fluorescent powder layer is coated on the inner surface of the lamp tube. Fluorescent lamp is divided into straight tube type fluorescent lamp and compact fluorescent lamp. Straight tube type fluorescent lamp according to startup mode can be divided into preheating start, fast start and instantaneous start several, according to the tube can be divided into T12, T8, T5. Compact fluorescent lamp is developed to replace the incandescent lamp, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long service life. Ordinary incandescent lamp life is only 1000 hours, the typical life of compact fluorescent lamp is 8000-10000 hours.Fluorescent lamp, energy saving lamp advantages and disadvantages:The main advantage of the fluorescent lamp is the high luminous efficiency, a typical fluorescent light emitted by the visible light is equivalent to 28% of the input power. The geometric dimensions, filling gas and pressure, phosphor coating, manufacturing process, environmental temperature and power frequency of the fluorescent lamp can influence the luminous efficiency of the fluorescent lamp. The color of the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp is largely determined by the fluorescent powder coating on the surface of the fluorescent tube. The temperature range of different fluorescent lamps, from 2900K to 10000K are. According to the color can be roughly divided into warm white (WW), white (W), cold white (CW), light color (D) several. (d) usually case, warm white (WW), white (W), daylight color fluorescent lamp display color, cool white (CW), soft white and warm white (WWX) fluorescent lamp can provide better color and CWX senior cool white fluorescent lamps can be with excellent color. Fluorescent light emitted by the more scattered light, not easy to focus, and therefore widely used for soft lighting, like the next shot, on the pan light illumination, working lighting, soft focus on lighting, etc..3 sodium lampAlso known as high pressure sodium discharge lamp light by sodium vapor discharge. The luminous efficiency is particularly high, long life, good adaptability to the environment, all kinds of temperature conditions can work under normal conditions.The advantages and disadvantages of sodium lamp:Specifications and sizes of the sodium lamp, light color is a kind of uncomfortable yellowish white luminescence; poor color, ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp color rendering index of only 23. Therefore, ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp are mostly used for road lighting on the luminescence efficiency and life of high demand, and of light color and color to seek high field. And a class through improved high color high-pressure sodium lamp, with warm white light color, color rendering index can reach more than 80% of the high color. This kind of lamp can be used to display the field of lighting, energy saving effect is obvious.4 metal halide lampAlso known as metal halogen lamp is high pressure gas lamp. A, the basic structure is a transparent glass shell and a root resistance to high temperature of quartz glass arc tube, shell and tube between rushed into nitrogen or inert gas, in the inner pipe filled inert gas, mercury vapor and metal halide. The basic working principle of the metal halide lamp: in the working state, metal halide vapor diffusion to arc heart, in under the action of high temperature disperse into metal and halogen atoms, by metal atoms involved in the discharge to emit visible light, when the metal and halogen atoms diffused into the arc tube outer tube wall area, both of them are combined into metal halide.Advantages and disadvantages of metal halide lamps:The biggest advantage of metal halide lamp is the high luminous efficiency and long life. Due to the structure of the lamp body and the filled metal halide, metal halide lamp luminous efficiency, color temperature of light and color changes. Difference of metal halide lamps although high luminous efficacy, but is significantly poor color; metal halide lamps emit light color close to the natural light white, visual feel comfortable, color. Metal halide lamp can not be immediately lit, it takes about 5 minutes to warm up to achieve full brightness output. After the power supply is interrupted, the need for 20 to 5 minutes to cool the light bulb. Sensitive to metal halide lamps to the power supply voltage fluctuation, power supply voltage in the ratings change greater than 10% will result in color changes. And different working positions can also affect the color of the light and the life of the lamp.5 ceramic metal halide lampThe ceramic metal halide lamp is the translucent ceramic arc tube of metal halide lamps as the, is the quartz metal halide lamp and sodium lamp ceramic technologies together, set both the advantage in a body of new high-quality lighting source.Ceramic metal halide

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